Environmental Stewardship

The Siemon Company is a committed, driving force of environmental policies and conservation. Siemon ensures implementation of environmental policies through a global environmental management system certified according to ISO: 14001.

Material Management

All Siemon products are manufactured to Siemon’s high sustainability standards, so the company does not segment any particular product into a separate “green” category.

  • All raw materials going into manufacturing processes are closely monitored for safety.
  • Strict supplier guidelines are supplemented with extensive in-house testing to ensure compliance to Siemon specifications.
  • Environmentally friendly options for manufacturing materials (including cutting fluids and solder baths.)
  • Carefully monitored through environmental management system to ensure safe handling and recycling.

Manufacturing practices are also designed to be as energy and material efficient as possible with continuous improvement processes in place, according to and well beyond the scope of strict ISO: 14001 guidelines.

  • Process Efficiency - Every manufacturing step is engineered to provide maximum energy efficiency and minimum waste.
  • Lean Manufacturing – Producing exactly what is needed, when it is needed.

Product Design is also optimized for sustainability.

  • All products are designed to reduce material usage during production and as a finished part.
  • Products may be disassembled to facilitate recovery of materials.
  • Products expected to provide a 20-year lifecycle, dependent on network applications supported.

Packaging Efficiency

Siemon maintains an ongoing effort to ensure that all product packaging is designed to use the minimum materials necessary to protect all products in shipping and installation. All materials used to package Siemon manufactured products are recyclable. Some recent examples include elimination of Styrofoam packing on all Siemon cabling products, reduction of excess material in poly-bagged product and more efficient bulk-pack options for project orders.

All Siemon packaging can be returned by the customer to Siemon’s North American headquarters for fully documented recycling. Where transport logistics make this an inefficient option, Siemon can work with Siemon Certified installers and suppliers to identify local recycling options and provide waste handling guidance.

Transport and Logistic Efficiency

Siemon product logistics processes are optimized through regional/localized distribution points within end-user areas. Siemon will utilize the local warehouses of our authorized distribution partners to service your company’s needs. Our global network of authorized distribution partners are well equipped to handle all inventory and logistics needs. Stocking and staging of products is the primary service that our distribution partners offer to minimize the environmental impact of inefficient shipping practices.

In addition, all Siemon authorized distributor warehouses are served directly by Siemon regional warehouses and logistics centers strategically located in Watertown, Conn., Brazil, China and the Czech Republic. This allows Siemon to batch orders into environmentally sustainable large shipments rather than increased volume of fuel intensive small shipments.

Siemon has also significantly reduced its use of business flights, implemented fuel efficiency guidelines for Siemon fleet and grey fleet vehicles and offers employee incentives for the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles.