Power Distribution Units

Switched PDUs


Switched PDUs combine total monitoring with outlet-level switching that enables users to remotely control individual receptacles, allowing equipment to be restarted or remotely shut down. Switched PDUs offer the ability to configure outlets into up to six groups and assign user group access to specific outlets groups.

  • Built-in display for local use
  • Device level monitoring
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet port
  • Environmental sensor ports
  • Outlet level switching/control
  • IP address sharing
  • Log trends and historical data
  • User defined alarms

Part Numbers

MountingInput CurrentInput VoltagePowerInput PlugOutput ReceptaclesOutput VoltageLengthPart NumberSpec
Vertical20A120/208V5.7kWNEMA L21-20P5-20R (24)120V73in (1850mm)8SV11-AB24Z-K1A* 
Vertical20A120/208V5.7kWNEMA L21-20PC13 (21) + C19 (3)120V73in (1850mm)8SV11-BA21C-K1A* 
Horizontal15A120V1.4kWNEMA 5-15P5-15R (8)120V19in (482.6mm)8SH01-AA08Z-K1A* 
Horizontal15A120V1.4kWNEMA L5-15P5-15R (8)120V19in (482.6mm)8SH04-AA08Z-K1A* 
Vertical15A120V1.4kWNEMA L5-15P5-15R (24)120V73in (1850mm)8SV04-AA24Z-K1A* 
Vertical20A208V3.3kWNEMA L6-20PC13 (21) + C19 (3)208V73in (1850mm)8SV07-BA21C-K1A* 
Vertical30A208V4.9kWNEMA L6-30PC13 (21) + C19 (3)208V73in (1850mm)8SV08-BA21C-K1A* 
Vertical32A230/400V22.0kWIEC 60309C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV27-BA21C-K1A** 
Horizontal16A230V3.6kWIEC 60309C13 (8)230V19in (482.6mm)8SH20-BA08Z-K1A** 
Horizontal16A230V3.6kWIEC C20C13 (8)230V19in (482.6mm)8SH33-BA08Z-K1A** 
Horizontal32A230V7.3kWIEC 60309C13 (8)230V19in (482.6mm)8SH22-BA08Z-K1A** 
Vertical32A230V7.3kWIEC 60309C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV22-BA21C-K1A** 
Vertical16A230V3.6kWIEC 60309C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV20-BA21C-K1A** 
Vertical16A230V3.6kWIEC C20C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV33-BA21C-K1A** 

*UL Compliance (UL is required for North America)
**CE Compliance (CE is required for the European Economic Area)