Fiber Splicing Solutions

A wide range of options for single and mass fusion splicing applications

Fiber splicing has increasingly become a popular field termination method and the best way to transition from outside plant 250µm cable to indoor 900µm cable. With a wide range of fiber splicing enclosures, trays and singlemode and multimode modules and pigtails, Siemon fiber splicing solutions support all your single and mass fusion splicing needs.

Fiber Splice Enclosures


Siemon offers a range of fiber enclosures for accessing, storing, managing and protecting fiber splices with a range of capacities.

  • Expanded RIC enclosures available in 2U, 3U and 4U versions include space for mounting and securing multiple splice trays and storing slack fiber, accommodating up to 432 MTP pigtail mass fusion splices, 288 ribbon fiber splices or 144 900µm splices
  • The FCP3-DWR Fiber Connect Panel with removable drawer features a tray that slides out from the front or rear for easy access can accommodate up to three splice trays for 72 fusion splices in a 1U space
  • Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3) enclosures available in a variety of sizes feature an optional splice tray bracket for mounting mini splice trays
  • The economical Fiber Management Tray (FMT) can accept up to two fiber splice trays to accommodate up to 48 fusion splices

Fiber Splice Trays and Modules


Siemon’s fiber splice trays, modules and cassettes mount into splice enclosures and are available with heat shrink sleeves that provide a safe and efficient method for protecting fusion splices on either 250µm or 900µm fibers.

  • Quick-Pack® RIC Splice Cassettes (RSC) with LC or SC adapters eliminate the need for dedicated splicing trays, doubling splice capacity in Expanded RIC Enclosures for up to 288 900µm splices in a 4U space
  • Fiber Splice Modules featuring the Quick-Pack footprint can be deployed in the Expanded RIC and FCP3 splice enclosures and allow fusion splicing directly to ribbon or 900µm fiber cable
  • Fiber splice trays with clear, snap-on polycarbonate covers hold up to 24 splices and can be deployed in Expanded RIC or FCP3 splice enclosures, and mini splice trays for up to 12 splices can be used with SWIC3 wall-mount enclosures

Fiber Pigtails


Siemon’s fusion splice solutions include a wide range of multimode and singlemode pigtails that exceed all TIA and ISO/IEC insertion loss and return loss requirements and feature premium fiber and a superior connector polish that meets stringent Telcordia and ISO/IEC specifications for end-face geometry.

  • XGLO simplex pigtails are available in OM1, OM3 or OM4 multimode or singlemode with LC, SC or ST connector types, as well as APC LC and SC singlemode connector types
  • XGLO OM3 and OM4 multimode and singlemode pigtails are available securely packaged in bulk packaging of 12 or 24, saving time and cost by eliminating individual bags and unnecessary freight
  • MTP pigtails available in multimode or singlemode feature low loss performance and can be connected to MTP adapter plates and mass fusion spliced within fiber enclosures to support 40/100 Gig applications and beyond

Fiber Splice-On Connectors


Fiber splice-on connectors are available in simplex LC and SC multimode and simplex LC and SC UPC and APC singlemode fiber configurations, OptiFuse splice-on connectors feature a factory pre-polished fiber endface, ferrule dust cap that remains in place during termination and an internally integrated and protected splice point for superior low-loss fusion splice performance. By eliminating the need for splice trays, splice chips and cable slack, OptiFuse connectors reduce material requirements, conserve space within fiber enclosures and deliver a 30% faster installation compared to traditional fiber pigtails. They are ideal for enabling splicing in tight spaces unable to accommodate splice trays and accessories.

  • Time Savings - 30% faster than a fiber pigtail installation
  • Minimize Contamination - Ferrule dust cap remains in place during the termination process
  • Multiuse - Terminate to 250μm coated fiber, 900μm tight buffered fiber and 900μm breakout kits
  • Protection - Splice point is internally protected inside the connector