VersaPOD® Cabinet Solution

Saves space, reduces cost and improves efficiency

As equipment density grows, so does the volume of data and power cables in your cabinets. You need a way to accommodate this growth and do it in a way that saves space, reduces cost and improves efficiency. Siemon’s VersaPOD cabinet is that solution.

Designed with recessed corner posts that create a vertical zero-U space between bayed cabinets and at the end of row for cable management, patching and PDUs, Siemon’s VersaPOD cabinets frees up the cabinet’s horizontal equipment mounting space and drives huge benefits across your data center. Available as a V-Built Preconfigured Cabinet, VersaPOD cabinets are all about using space wisely while ensuring scalability and versatility.

Reduce Cost and Unleash Stranded Power


VersaPOD’s ability to share connectivity, patching and PDUs in the shared zero-U space between bayed cabinets reduced stranded power outlets by 75% and results in a 46% savings due to fewer cabinets, PDUs and patch panels, and the ability to use shorter patch cords.

  • Patch panels and PDUs installed in every other zero-U space rather than in each cabinet cuts the number of patch panels, PDUs and upstream power connections in half
  • Sharing PDUs between two cabinets maximizes outlet use, reducing stranded power outlets by up to 75% while improving PUE
  • A row of 10 standard 600mm cabinets can be replaced by only 8 VersaPODs within the same footprint, performing the same job at much greater efficiency

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Patching, Cable Management and PDU Mounting Accessories


The VersaPOD cabinet solution includes a wide range of zero-U and end-of-row cable management, patch panels, PDU mounting brackets and accessories—available in white, gray or black to match your cabinet.

  • Zero-U sliding vertical patch panels accommodate Siemon MAX®, Z-MAX® or TERA® copper outlets, MAX fiber outlets and RIC adapter plates and plug-and-play modules to move fiber and copper patching out of the horizontal cabinet space
  • Vertical management fingers, channels and trays manage, secure and facilitate routing of copper and fiber cabling within and between cabinets and at the end of row.
  • Front-facing single and dual PDU brackets and side-facing dual PDU brackets accommodate PDU mounting in the zero-U space or at end of row

SidePOD™ and Baffle


Also available in white, gray or black, Siemon's 42U SidePOD and Baffle solution is designed to support side-to-side ventilated active equipment in 1200mm (48 in.) VersaPOD cabinets.

  • Installs in either orientation to properly routes cold air from the front of the cabinet to the input side of the switch or route exhaust from the output side.
  • Supports full size zero-U panels and cable managers to be used in end-of-row applications
  • Allows VersaPOD side panels to be transitioned to the SidePOD when added to end-of-row installations