Custom Preconfigured Solutions

Part of Siemon’s WheelHouse™ Advanced Data Center Solutions, V-Built Custom Preconfigured Solutions are available with all Siemon DataKeep™, V-Series Colocation, VersaPOD®, V800™, V600™ and Wall Mount Cabinets and preloaded with Siemon components, including fiber and copper connectivity, pre-terminated cable assemblies, PDUs, cable management and accessories. Configured via a collaborative design process between the customer and Siemon Data Center Design Services, these preloaded cabinets are assembled and packaged at regional Siemon manufacturing facilities and delivered to the site ready to connect the cabling and install active equipment – one part number, one price… ready to roll.  

Reduce Deployment Time, Labor and Waste


V-Built Custom Preconfigured Solutions are ideal for any size and type of data center, telecommunications space or multisite deployment – from cloud, colocation and edge computing to TRs and remote distribution points. These solutions are especially well suited for any space utilizing a modular design strategy with repeatable groups of cabinets where multiple V-Built part numbers can be grouped together to form row of cabinets or two symmetrical rows of cabinets configured in a pod-based hot/cold aisle layout with or without containment systems.

  • Identified by one customer-specific part number price for easy ordering and replication
  • Improves scalability and consistency via predictable BOM, costs and processes
  • Saves 30% on time and labor versus installing individual components
  • Supports green initiatives and sustainability with less packaging waste and cardboard dust contamination, and a lower carbon footprint

Preloaded with Siemon Components


V-Built cabinets are preconfigured and preloaded at one of Siemon’s regional manufacturing sites and delivered to your location ready to receive active equipment and make the final connections. Components are selected and V-Builts designed in conjunction with Siemon’s team of data center design experts to suit any architecture, from the entrance facility, main distribution area and storage area network (SAN), to top-of-rack, end-of-row or middle-of-row equipment distribution area. Components can also be kitted and shipped flat-pack style outside of North America. 

  • Shielded and unshielded copper connectivity, including angled and flat patch panels and MapIT® G2 Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) intelligent patch panels
  • Fiber plug-and-play systems and enclosures, including LightStack® and LightStack 8 High-Density Plug-and-Play Systems, HD FCP3 enclosures and RIC enclosures and panels.
  • Vertical and horizontal cable managers, blanking panels, brush guards, fans, PDU brackets, equipment shelves and lid divider panels
  • Horizontal and vertical PowerMax™ PDUs with varying degrees of intelligent functionality and a variety of input currents, voltages and outlet options