V-Lock™ Cabinet Door Security System

Delivering superior cabinet-level access control

Siemon’s V-Lock Cabinet Security System is a complete easy-to-setup hardware and software system that delivers superior cabinet-level access control for mission critical data centers and other telecommunications spaces, enabling improved security, administration and compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FIPS and the EU’s GDPR.

With a wide range of secure handles to meet your specific cabinet security needs, V-Lock is available on all Siemon standalone cabinets or can be retrofitted to single-hinge doors. The Cabinet access control system is available in a centralized Bus and Node System that provides cabinet-level or end-of-row authentication, or in a decentralized Sentry System for free-standing cabinets. V-Lock can also be preassembled onto Siemon cabinets as part of a V-Built™ customized preconfigured cabinet, along with preloaded connectivity, PDUs and accessories.

Cabinet Access Control Handle Functionality


V-Lock security handles include electronic, low-frequency card, high-frequency card, biometric fingerprint and PIN access that eliminate the use of universal cabinet keys able to open any cabinet. V-Lock can also save space in colocation data centers by eliminating the need to cage off cabinets. Most handles can also connect to third-party cabinet access control systems.

  • Handles can be locked/unlocked via Enline end-of-row units, built-in authentication linked to secondary handles or remotely through the V-lock software package.
  • High-frequency (13.56 MHz) access card handles are compatible with a variety of card types, including iClass SE/SR/Legacy, Mifare, DESFire and iClass Seos cards
  • Combined biometric/high frequency and PIN/card access handles support dual factor authentication access
  • Enline units placed at the end of a row allow for row-based card, PIN or biometric access

Bus and Node System


Ideal for data center environments with multiple cabinets in a row, the Bus and Node V-Lock cabinet access control system supports up to 32 cabinets using a controller and cabinet nodes that are daisy-chained together.

  • The Bus controller powers the nodes and is connected to the LAN - it is the only device in the system to have an IP address
  • Daisy-chained nodes connected to the Bus controller are used to control front and rear cabinet door access via V-Lock compatible handles
  • Authentication can occur at the cabinet level via individual handles or at the end of a row of cabinets via the Enline unit

Sentry System


Suitable for both new cabinets and retrofits, the Sentry V-Lock cabinet access control system is designed for situations where cabinets are standalone or not located in close proximately to each other.

  • Uses individual decentralized devices at each cabinet, which each connecting directly to the LAN and having their own IP address
  • Decentralized Sentry devices can be powered via power over Ethernet (PoE) directly from a PoE-enabled network switch

Administration Software


Siemon's V-Lock cabinet access control system is administered via a server-based administration software platform to administer users, their cards and biometrics and manage user and group permissions.

  • Establishes user and group access based on specific cabinets and time periods
  • Features a dual custody option that requires two persons to authenticate, as well as a partitioning option to segment customers in colocation environments
  • Provides real-time monitoring of all devices, including open/ closed status, propped door or forced entry, and it can deliver alerts via email
  • Maintains extensive logs of events and access for auditing purposes required for compliance

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