Installation Instructions Library



DataKeep 600mm Flat Pack Assembly

DataKeep 800mm Cabinet

DataKeep 600mm Cabinet

DataKeep 800mm Flat Pack Assembly

Active Cold Aisle Containment System

VersaPOD Internal Cable Tray

VersaPOD Blank Panel

V600 Cabinet

Containment Unit (Hot and Cold)

VersaPOD End of Row Vertical Patching Channel


Containment System

VersaPOD Cabinet

VersaPOD Baffle

V800 Cabinet

VersaPOD Grounding Bar

VersaPOD End of Row

V800 Cabinet Assembly - Frame Kit Assembly

VersaPOD - Frame Kit Assembly

VersaPOD 4-Post Rack

V600 Cabinet Assembly - Frame Kit Assembly

VersaPOD Vertical Cable Management Fingers

Wall Mount Cabinet

VersaPOD Vertical Patch Panel

V600/V800 Vertical Cable Tray

VersaPOD Vertical Patching Channel

VersaPOD Cable Trough - VPA-SPAN-(X)

V800 Lid Divider


LightStack Low Profile Enclosure

Splice Tray for Mass/Ribbon Fusion Sleeves

Splice Cassette

Fiber Splice Enclosure (FSE) - FSE-5U-01-F

CT Fiber Management Tray

LC BladePatch

LightStack Ultra High Density Plug and Play System (1U)

LightStack - LS-SRB-O1

XLR8 Mechanical Splice Fiber Connector

Industrial LC Front /Back Outlet

LightBow Termination Tool and Connectors

Expanded Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3G-E)

LC/MTP LightStack Adapter Plate

SC/ST Multimode and Singlemode Connector Termination

Fiber Storage Center (FSC3)

Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3 and SWIC3G)

Rack Mount Interconnect Center (RIC)

Fiber Connect Panel (FCP3-RACK)

Fiber Outlet Box 2 (FOB2)

LightStack 4U enclosure

Fiber Connect Panel

LC Multimode and Singlemode Connector Termination


MapIT G2 Control Panel to SPPA


MapIT G2 Ready SPP and SPPA

MapIT G2 Control Panel to SFE

MapIT G2 SMTP Plug and Play Enclosure Mounting

MapIT G2 SPPA Upgrade

Angled TERA MapIT Upgrade Kit

MapIT G2 Control Panel to SPP

MapIT Patch Cord Protective Cap Removal

Angled TERA MapIT PCBA Replacement

MapIT G2 Ready SFE Instructions

MapIT G2 SPP PCB Upgrade

Modular Patching

Combination Copper Fiber Panel

Angled MAX Patch Panel

MAX Patch Panel

HD5 and HD6 Series Wall and Rack Mount Patch Panel

Copper Wiring Guidelines

Z-MAX Patch Panels - UTP and Shielded

Flat and Angled TERA-MAX Patch Panel

Z-MAX Patch Panels - Detachable Manager Series

Patch Cords and Components

LC Bladepatch (APC, Hybrid, APC-UPC)



PowerMax - Intelligent Power Distribution Unit User Manual

PowerMax Sensor

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Racks and Cable Management

Passive Zone Ceiling Enclosure

SH-D19-01 Double-Sided Shelf

24 Port Zone Enclosure

Ladder Tray Rack - CTR-LRK

Panel Access Hinge (PH-3)

Value Rack Assembly

RS-07 Rack System Assembly

RS-CNL/RS-CNL3 Vertical Cable Management Channel

VShelf (V-SHV1-01-1U and V-SHV2-01-1U)

RS2 Vertical Manager Retrofit

VCM Double Sided

Rack Top Cable Tray (RS-TRAY)

VCM Single Sided

RS3 Series Rack System Assembly

Cable Tray Rack

Cable Management Bar

S100A2 Wire Manager


Industrial LC Inline Adapter

Industrial G2 Front/Back LC Adapter

Industrial MAX UTP Plug

Industrial Bulkhead Coupler

Industrial G2 ZMAX Housing

Industrial Punch Tool

Industrial LC Plug Termination


50- and 100-pair Mounting Legs

S110 Universal Modular Jack Block

XLBET Rack Conversion Kit

S110M Modular Tower System

S110 Wiring Block


S210 Wiring Block

S210/S110 Patch Plug


S210M Modular Tower System


Current Protection Module - CPM-2PLUS

Stand-off Bracket Mounting

Tools and Testers

Fiber Tool, Visible Fault Finder, VFL

S110 4-Pair Termination Tool

ALLPREP Cable Preparation Tool

TERA Cable Preparation Tool

XLR8 Fiber Cleaver Tool - FTERM-XLR8-C2

S210 4-Pair Termination Tool

LightBow Fiber Cleaver Tool

Work Area

Cat 6 UTP Field Plug Termination

Shielded Z-MAX Module - OSP cable preparation (Supplemental Instructions)

UTP Z-MAX Module

TERA 2-pair plug cable preparation and termination

Coax Compression Connector

Universal Modular Furniture Adapter Plate

MX-SM Surface Mount Box

MAX Mounting Frame

TERA 4-pair Outlet Termination - Supplemental Instructions for OSP 6A shielded cable

TERA 4-pair Plug

MAX Series Flexyoke

Z-PLUG Termination

CT Cable Manager

Modular Furniture Bracket

SP6 Category 6 Surface Packs, 3-port and 6-port

Tamperproof Faceplate

Category 3 and 5e Flat or Angled CT Coupler

Z-Plug supplemental Instructions for OSP 6A shielded cable

Shielded Z-MAX Module

SP5 Category 5e Surface Pack Module

Punchdown MAX Module Instruction

Flat/Angled CT 6

TERA 4-pair Outlet Termination

CT/MAX Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly (MuTOA)