Tools and Testers

MAX™ TurboTool
Multipair termination tool for Siemon Cat 5e and Cat 6 UTP MAX jacksMAX-TT
Replacement cartridge kit for MAX Turbotool MAX-TTREP
STM-8 Tester and Accessories
UTP Cable Tester Kit (Tester, Remote “A”, 2 Universal Mod. Cords, Carrying Case)STM-8
UTP Replacement Modular Test Cord MC-8-005
Additional UTP Remotes STM8-R(X)
Use (X) to specify remote identity: A = Remote A, 3 = B, C and D 3-Piece Remote Kit
S110/S210 Multi-Pair Termination Tools
S210 Termination Tool, 4-Pair S788J4-210
Replacement Blade for S210 Termination Tool S788J4B-210
Replacement Head and Blade for S210 Termination ToolS788J4H-210
S110 Termination Tool S788J(X)
Replacement Blade for S110 Termination Tool S788J(X)B
Replacement Head and Blade for S110 Termination Tool S788J(X)H
Use (X) to select tool type: 4 = 4-Pair, 5 = 5-Pair
S814 Impact Tool
Impact Tool w/66 Block Termination BladeS814-66
Impact Tool w/110 Block Termination Blade S814-10
Impact Tool Body Only S814
CI Toolkit
S814 Impact Tool w/66 and 110 blades, electrician’s scissors, All-Prep cable preparation tool, probe-pic, mini flathead screwdriver, clip-on carrying pouchCI-KIT2
PT-908 Crimp Tool
3-in-1 ratchet-style crimp tool cuts, strips, and crimps modular plugs on either round or flat cablesPT-908