Fiber Cable and Connectivity

Jumpers and Pigtails
OM4 Multimode

LC BladePatch Duplex Jumpers LC-to-LCFBP-LCLC5V-(XX)AQ
Duplex JumpersSC-to-SC FJ2-SCSC5V-(XX)AQ
Simplex PigtailsSC FP1B-SC5V-(XX)AQ
OM3 Multimode

LC BladePatch Duplex JumpersLC-to-LC FBP-LCLC5L-(XX)AQ
Duplex JumpersSC-to-SC FJ2-SCSC5L-(XX)AQ
Simplex PigtailsSC FP1B-SC5L-(XX)AQ
OS1/OS2 Singlemode

LC BladePatch Duplex Jumpers LC-to-LC FBP-LCULCUL-(XX)
Duplex JumpersSC-to-SC FJ2-SCUSCUL-(XX)
Simplex PigtailsSC FP1B-SCUL-(XX)
Use (XX) to specify length: 01 = 1m (3.3 ft.), 02 = 2m (6.6 ft.), 03 = 3m (9.8 ft.), 05 = 5m (16.4 ft.)
Adapter Plates
LC Adapter Plates
Duplex Adapters, Aqua, Multimode RIC-F-LCQ(XX)-01C
Duplex Adapters, Beige, Multimode RIC-F-LC(XX)-01C
Duplex Adapters, Blue, Singlemode RIC-F-LCU(XX)-01C
Use (XX) to select fiber count: 12, 16, 24 (i.e.: 12 = 6 duplex)
SC Adapter Plates
Duplex Adapters, Black, Multimode/Singlemode RIC-F-SC(X)-01
Use (X) to select fiber count: 6, 8, 12 (i.e.: 12 = 6 duplex)
Fiber Enclosures
Rack Mount Enclosures
24-to 96-port, 2U fits 4 adapter plates RIC3-24-01
36-to 144-port, 2U fits 6 adapter plates RIC3-36-01
48-to 192-port, 3U fits 8 adapter plates RIC3-48-01
72-to 288-port, 4U fits 12 adapter plates RIC3-72-01
Wall Mount Enclosures
24- to 96- port, fits 4 adapter plates SWIC3-(X)-01
Use (X) to select closure type: A - Key Lock, C - Thumb-Turn Latch
12- to 48- port, fits 2 adapter plates SWIC3-M-01
Fiber Connect Panels
6- to 72-port, Sliding Tray, 1U, fits 3 adapter plates FCP3-DWR
6- to 72-port, Fixed Tray, 1U, fits 3 adapter plates FCP3-RACK
XGLO 10Gb/s Fiber Cable
Indoor Tight Buffer
OM3 Multimode6 strand 9BB5(X)006D-T312A
12 strand 9BB5(X)012G-T312A
24 strand9BB5(X)024L-T312A
OM4 Multimode6 strand 9BB5(X)006D-T512A
12 strand 9BB5(X)012G-T512A
24 strand9BB5(X)024L-T512A
SingleMode6 strand9BB8(X)006D-E205A
12 strand 9BB8(X)012G-E205A
24 strand 9BB8(X)024L-E205A
Use (X) to select jacket type: P - Plenum, R - Riser          Specify qty. in feet 
Armored Tight Buffer
OM3 Multimode12 strand 9BC5P012G-T312A
24 strand 9BC5P024L-T312A
OM4 Multimode12 strand 9BC5P012G-T512A
24 strand 9BC5P024L-T512A
Specify qty. in feet
Fiber Connectors
LightBow™ Pre-Polished Connectors
LC MultimodeOM1, 62.5/125um, beige, 900um buffered fiberFC1-LB-LC6-9BG
OM3/OM4, 50/125um, aqua, 900um buffered fiber FC1-LB-LC5-9AQ
LC SinglemodeOS1/OS2, UPC, blue, 900um buffered fiber FC1-LB-LCU-9BL
OS1/OS2, APC, green, 900um buffered fiber FC1-LB-LCA-9GR
SC MultimodeOM1, 62.5/125um, beige, 900um buffered fiber FC1-LB-SC6-9BG
OM3/OM4, 50/125um, aqua, 900um buffered fiber FC1-LB-SC5-9AQ
SC SinglemodeOS1/OS2, UPC, blue, 900um buffered fiber FC1-LB-SCU-9BL
OS1/OS2, APC, green, 900um buffered fiber FC1-LB-SCA-9GR
LightBow™ Fiber Termination Kit 
See catalog for kit contents FT-LB-KIT
Epoxy-Polish Connectors
MultimodeLC, Jacketed Fiber FC(X)-LC-MM-J80
LC, Buffered Fiber FC(X)-LC-MM-B80
SC, Jacketed Fiber FC(X)-SC-MM-J80
SC, Jacketed Fiber FC(X)-SC-MM-B80
SinglemodeLC, Jacketed Fiber FC1-LC-SM-J02
LC, Buffered Fiber FC1-LC-SM-B02
SC, Jacketed Fiber FC(X)-SC-MM-J06
SC, Buffered Fiber FC(X)-SC-MM-B06
Use (X) to select configuration: 1 - Simplex, 2 - Duplex