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Ultra-High-Density Fiber Connectivity.


With advanced best-in-class features, Siemon’s LightStack and LightStack 8 ultra-high-density fiber Plug and Play system offers superior density, port access and cable management in a sleek, modern platform. LightStack easily supports today’s advanced data center or enterprise networking environments, while providing fast, seamless migration to higher gigabit applications.

LightStack boasts a modular, single rack unit design for exceptional packing density, letting you fit more connections in less space. LightStack 8 pushes this further, offering eight LC duplex ports in a single module. Both systems ensure effortless cable management and industry-leading performance for optimal signal transmission and long-term reliability.

“We have been deploying LightStack for all our ultra-high density needs in our network for some time now. We use it along with Siemon’s LC BladePatch and Plug and Play MTP trunks for a seamless ultra-low loss network. This solution ensures the robust network performance that we demand.”

Network Administrator, US Healthcare Provider
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LightStack Fiber Connectivity System

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Game-Changing Ultra-High-Density Fiber Connectivity

lightstack features

Delivering Industry-Leading Performance

The system includes a range of Plug and Play transition modules and pass-through adapter plates designed to deliver performance exceeding today’s standards. When combined with Siemon’s portfolio of Plug and Play trunks and our innovative LC BladePatch® LC duplex jumpers, you have everything needed to configure the ideal solution.

Removing the Compromises of UHD Applications

LightStack mitigates the challenges often associated with ultra-high-density applications, delivering a unique balance of performance and usability across a range of termination types in even the densest patching environments.

Various Options to Suit Your Requirements

Siemon’s LightStack is a truly best-in-class fiber Plug and Play system, featuring 1U and 4U enclosures with integrated cable management capabilities. Supporting up to 144 (LC) and 864 (MTP) fibers per rack unit. This gives users maximum options to select to align with their network design requirements.

LightStack Delivers


Superior Density
Supporting up to 144 fibers per rack unit.


Improved Manageability
Easily access and manage your connectivity from the front or rear.

future-ready design

Future-Ready Design
A quality future-ready footprint for your network infrastructure.

The LightStack Fiber Connectivity System

With its advanced features and sleek design, LightStack offers superior density, port access, and cable management for today's data center and enterprise networking environments. ​ The LightStack enclosures, available in 1U and 4U options, support up to 144 (LC) and 864 (MTP) fibers per rack unit, providing maximum flexibility for network design. ​ The Plug and Play modules, available in both LightStack and LightStack 8 formats, deliver industry-leading performance with ultra-low loss and easy installation. ​ And with a wide range of adapter plates, LightStack allows users to easily configure their network to meet their unique requirements. ​ Experience the future of fiber connectivity with LightStack. 

With Siemon Fiber, You Don’t Have to Compromise


At Siemon, we don’t believe that our customers should settle when it comes to their optical performance. That’s why we’ve developed our plug and play solutions in line with the most stringent industry standards, which allows our customers to have peace of mind that they will have the flexibility they need over a range of distances and configurations, all while remaining within their loss budget.

We like to keep things simple, so we only provide two performance options.

  1. Our Standard Loss components are in line with many other industry leaders’ “low loss” offerings, which means that our standard is the same as their “best”.
  2. Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) components offer the pinnacle of performance and provide you with the ideal foundation to support high bandwidth, low latency applications.

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