Cat 8 & 8.2 Cabling System

For 25 and 40 Gig Data Center Applications

Siemon’s end-to-end TERA® Category 8.2 copper cabling system was founded on our Siemon TERA connector that was originally chosen as the ISO/IEC 11801 interface for category 7A/Class FA and easily achieved new Category 8.2 compliance. The TERA connector when combined with Siemon’s category 8.2 S/FTP 2000 MHz cable and patch cords delivers a complete end-to-end system that exceeds ISO/IEC category 8.2/Class II specifications for 2-connector, 30-meter Class II channels for 25 and 40 Gig switch-to-server applications in the data center.

The TERA Category 8.2 system supports autonegotiation and is backwards compatible to support copper-based Ethernet applications from 1 to 40 Gig in a variety of configurations. The system provides enhanced internal and alien crosstalk and insertion loss performance over Category 8/8.1 RJ45-based systems

Innovative TERA Outlet

category 8.2 TERA Outlet and plug

Originally designed as the interface for category 7A/class FA that has long been ahead of its time as the highest-performing twisted-pair copper cabling system available, Siemon’s innovative TERA outlet has been newly characterized to support Category 8.2.

  • When installed as part of a TERA 8.2 solution, these outlets and plugs deliver transmission performance up to 2 GHz to support two-connector, 30-meter channels in high-speed 25 Gigabit (25GBASE-T) and 40 Gigabit (40GBASE-T) data center applications
  • The TERA outlets are easily installed in Siemon’s TERA-MAX® patch panels, while the plugs can be used to terminate 22 to 23 AWG solid or stranded S/FTP and F/FTP shielded cables into exact lengths.
  • Slim, compact design with hinged outlet door to prevent dust and other contaminates from entering unused outlets and a simple termination process that ensures proper termination of the shield with no additional grounding processes required

Patch Cords Options for Any Data Center Architecture

category 8.2 Patch Cords

Siemon’s Tera 8.2 system includes TERA-to-RJ45 patch cords for use in 2-connector switch-to-server connections in end of row (EoR) and middle of row (MoR) data center architectures. The system also includes a Category 8 compatible RJ45-to-RJ45 patch cord for direct attach server connections in a top of rack (ToR) deployment.

  • Constructed of Category 8.2 S/FTP 2000 MHz cable, TERA Category 8.2 patch cords are backwards compatible with Category 7A/Class FA and lower cabling systems
  • TERA-to-RJ45 and RJ45-to-RJ45 patch cords allow the TERA Category 8.2 system to be easily connected to RJ45-equipped active electronics in MoR, EoR and ToR data center deployments
  • Removable color clips available in 9 colors allow field color coding to distinguish applications

Category 8.2 E20 Cable

category 8.2 Cable

Siemon's Category 8.2 cable exceeds the transmission performance requirements of IEC 61156-9 up to 2000 MHz to support 30-meter Class II channels in IEEE 802.3bq 25 Gb/s (25GBASE-T) and 40 Gb/s (40GBASE-T) applications in the data center.

  • Fully shielded S/FTP cable features individual foils around each pair and a high screen coverage outer braid to provide superior noise immunity and coupling attenuation performance
  • Qualified for mechanical reliability in high temperature environments up to 75°C
  • Available in CMR and LS0H (IEC 60332-3-22) ratings

Preterminated Trunking Assemblies for Fast Deployment

category 8.2 Cable

TERA 8.2 pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies provide an easily installed and cost effective alternative to individual field-terminated channels with pre-terminated outlets that snap easily into TERA-MAX patch panels.

  • Combines factory terminated and tested TERA 8.2 outlets with Siemon Category 8.2 cable in a high-performance modular cable assembly
  • Each assembly is coded with a unique identification number with each leg designated for proper orientation
  • Features six-leg, doubled-ended design with a high-strength closed mesh sheath for snag-free pulling