DataKeep® Cabinets

Robust, attractive, cost-effective and efficient

Siemon’s comprehensive line of DataKeep Cabinets available for EMEA and Russia are ideal for housing active equipment and connectivity in a variety of spaces – from the data center, to the telecommunications room, to the central office. Available in multiple heights, widths, depths and color combinations with a variety of door, handle and latch styles and a wide range of accessories, these cabinets have all the features that make them ideal for use as a standalone cabinet or in a multi-bayed aisle configuration.

DataKeep DC Cabinets


Siemon’s comprehensive line of DataKeep DC Cabinets combines density, accessibility and efficiency with an attractive, robust construction for today’s advanced data center environments. They are available in 800mm and 600mm widths, multiple depths and heights, and in black, light gray or white to fit with your data center infrastructure needs and décor. With superior ventilation, durable bolted steel construction with up to 1000kg load weighting and superior security, DataKeep DC Cabinets bring aesthetics and peace of mind to any data center environment.

  • Vented side panels and top and bottom brush entry, and optional fan trays ensure efficiency
  • Quick-release hinge doors in full mesh and split mesh with 82% airflow, as well as split solid and full vented solid
  • Sturdy, lockable side panels and a range of handle and locking options, including 4-point locking and 3-digit combination ensure superior security for the data center
  • A wide range of base fitting options, including leveling feet, standard casters, heavy duty castors and twin wheeled locking options
  • 800mm-wide cabinets feature zero-U space on each side for cable management, patching and PDUs

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DataKeep Cabinet Accessories


Siemon’s DataKeep DC and TR Cabinets can be outfitted with a wide range of cabinet accessories, including shelves, vertical and horizontal cable managers, blanking and brush panels, fans castors, leveling feet and bases. Accessories are available in jet black (RAL 9005), Goose Gray (RAL 7038) and Signal White (RAL 9003) and in a variety of sizes, types and configurations.

  • Wide range of shelving for supporting equipment, including rack-mount drawers and fixed, cantilever, telescopic and adjustable shelves
  • Cable manager trays, horizontal cable managers and cable rings to help route and manage cabling throughout the cabinet
  • Thermal management accessories like blanking panels, brush guards and roof- and rack-mount fans help manage airflow and improve ventilation
  • Wide range of base fittings and hardware, including castors, leveling feet, plinth bases, baying kits and grounding bars

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