Value Vertical Cable Manager 

An economical, fully optimized
cable management solution 

"The double hinge, quick-release doors are better than snap-on covers in every way. The fact that you can swing them open to get at everything instead of taking them off completely like you have to do with covers is a huge time saver - especially for day two fixes."

- Powercom, Bothel, WA


Siemon’s Value Vertical Cable Manager provides an economical yet full-featured solution to manage the challenges posed by larger cables or higher densities in two-post rack installations. Single and double sided versions are available in multiple widths to route and protect both horizontal cables and patch cords. The Value Vertical Cable Manager’s dual-hinged doors feature spring release handles at each corner, making opening, removing and reattaching simple and easy. A range of optional accessories include an end-of-row panel and an anchoring bracket for securing the system to the floor or attaching overhead trays.  





Multiple Configurations

It is available in 4, 6, 10 & 12-inch widths
and single & double-sided versions


Reduced Risk 

All termination steps completed
with dust cap in place


Flat Packaging 

Compact flat packaging ideal for
shipping, handling & storing

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Spec Sheet [PDF]:
Value Vertical
Cable Manager


Instructions [PDF]:
Value Vertical
Cable Manager

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