LockIT™ Patch Cords

Prevent disconnections
in your IT network

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Siemon’s LockIT patch cords are ideal for preventing disconnections from critical end devices such as security cameras, point-of-sale terminals, self-service kiosks, digital displays and other devices in publicly-accessible spaces like schools, retail stores, transportation hubs, hospitality venues and hospitals.  Secure critical connections with LockIT patch cords at patch panels and switches to safeguard your IT infrastructure. 

LockIT Patch Cord Offering 

26 awg28 awg
Category 6A Shielded
Category 6A Unshielded
Category 6 Unshielded

Features of LockIT Patch Cords

Features of LockIT patch cord

Benefits of LockIT Patch Cords

LockIT patch cords Easy Installation

Easy Installation

LockIT doesn’t require a
key to lock the cords in place,
simply insert the red tab to secure it

LockIT patch cords Simple Unlocking

Simple Unlocking

The extended length of
the LockIT key allows for
easier access to unlock cords

LockIT patch cords Robust Support

Robust Support

The ribbed boot design
allows for effective bend relief
ensuring high system performance


LockIT patch cords for Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Prevent the unauthorized tampering or disconnection of security/surveillance cameras

LockIT patch cords at Transportation & Terminals

Transportation & Point of Sale Terminals

Prevent tampering or accidental disconnection at public ticketing terminals and self-service kiosks

LockIT patch cords at Entertainment & Hospitality

Entertainment & Hospitality

Prevent unauthorized disconnects & deters patch cord theft from outlets connected to digital displays

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Spec Sheet [PDF]
Lockit Patch Cords

LockIT Secure patch cords

Instructions [PDF]:
LockIT Patch Cords

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