Webinar Spotlight on PoE Lighting - LIVE DEMO & DISCUSSION

Webinar: Spotlight on PoE Lighting

A critical component of intelligent buildings and smart spaces is PoE Lighting. While costs savings, productivity, and wellness in the workplace can be enhanced with the flip of a switch, the concept of PoE lighting as one critical component of IoT is a bit more complex.

In this webinar, Encompass AV is teaming up with The Siemon Company to explain and demonstrate: WHAT PoE Lighting Is — HOW PoE Lighting Works — and WHY PoE Lighting Should Matter to YOU.

Key Takeaways

  • How PoE networks and innovative lighting reduces energy consumption
  • How PoE lighting lowers capital and labor investment, with lower installation and operational costs
  • How PoE lighting exceed performance capabilities with safe, low-voltage applications that integrate with IoT to support intelligent building devices
  • How PoE lighting provide eco-friendly enhancements that deliver more confirm, wellness and productivity

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