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Cabling for IP-based Security Applications: What the Pros Need to know

Installation and Design Best Practices to Maximize System Performance and Minimize Long-Term Costs.

Over the past decade, the security and surveillance industry has seen exponential growth in the availability and deployment of IP-based camera systems. Advances from leaders like Axis promise easier installations, improved integration capabilities, higher resolutions, enhanced intelligence and analytics, remote access, and remote powering through power over Ethernet (PoE), but in order to fully enjoy the benefits of IP cameras, professionals need to ensure that the cabling infrastructure is ready.

In the educational session, Axis & Siemon will highlight the key copper and fiber cabling and connectivity solutions for Axis IP-based camera systems as well as infrastructure design considerations, topology options, and critical standards, proving the core information needed to deploy high-performance, cost effective security and surveillance systems using the network cabling plant.

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