Set Up Operator

Posted: Mar 19, 2024, 11:36 AM

Department: Manufacturing

City: Watertown

State: CT

Country: United States

Sets up tooling/presses for production.

  1. Assuring that tooling/presses are properly set-up for production and that the workstations are ready for "Operator Ownership".
  2. Documenting and maintaining all set-up procedures.
  3. Properly completing the press data sheet and other job related paperwork.
  4. Assuring that material, gauging, pans, etc. are at the work station.
  5. Reviewing press operating procedures with the operator (oil mixture, packing requirements, strip start-up, machine safety, etc.)
  1. Submittal of samples to the quality department which are run at "production speed" and which meet the quality specifications cited on the applicable inspection instruction sheet posted at the work station.
  • Maintaining stock levels of lubricating oils.
  • Asking their supervisor if partial coils remaining at the end of a production run should be run off.
  • Placing a sample strip and last piece samples with the tool at the end of the production run.
  • Cleaning up the press area when assigned this task by their supervisor.
  • 5 years experience setting up metal stampings presses
  • High School Diploma or GED