Executive Staff

Henry Siemon — President and CEO


From playing soccer in Siemon’s halls as a child to spending a summer pulling cable with a Siemon certified installer, Henry’s roots in the cabling industry run deep. But even with his close ties to Siemon heritage, he forged his early career outside Watertown. Having earned an Economics degree at University of Richmond and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, Henry developed a foundation of organizational and operations strategy working for Deloitte Consulting and Apple Inc. Henry joined Siemon in 2017 with a focus on supply chain, working with nearly all teams across the company to gain an end-to-end understanding of the company’s strengths and identify opportunities to further build upon those capabilities. Congratulating Henry on his achievement, Carl N. Siemon offered this insight: “We are fortunate to have a fifth generation Siemon family member willing and able to steer the company into the future. The company is in good hands and I look forward to going where Henry leads us.”

John Siemon — V.P. of Global Operations, CTO and Chairman of the Board


John is has been actively involved in the development of connection systems since graduating from college, starting with an engineering position at Teradyne from 1982 to 1985. He then joined the Siemon Company and was responsible for establishing its Development Engineering Group and R&D Laboratory. He currently holds the positions of Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Global Operations. Since taking Operations responsibility in 2002, Siemon has opened manufacturing and logistics locations in Mexico, China, Czech Republic, India and Brazil, and has implemented a unified global ERP platform for order processing, inventory management, planning and production control. All of these operations and systems have been certified to both ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards governing quality and environmental management systems.

Having served with distinction on industry standards boards since 1988, John has held a number of leadership positions, including Chairman of the TIA TR42.1 subcommittee responsible for commercial IT cabling (authors of TIA-568-B.1 and Building Automation Systems Cabling standard TIA-862); Chairman of the US advisory group on international cabling standards (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3; authors of ISO/IEC 11801); and Chairman for BICSI's Technical Information and Methods Committee (authors of the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual and others). He is chairman of the US Advisory Group on Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25) and Project Manager for Amendments 1 and 2 of ISO/IEC 11801. He is a named inventor on over 50 US patents in the field of telecommunications cabling.

C.K. Siemon — President of Siemon Global Project Services Division


C.K., in 1994, became the Manager of The Siemon Company's global Certified Installer program. C.K. is responsible for developing the channel relationships that are critical to marketing, designing, installing and administering the Siemon Cabling System. He has also managed development and implementation of the Siemon Consultant/Architect Program to support professional consultants and architects to advance the level of service available to end-user customers world-wide. Today, C.K. manages our Global Project Services teams ensuring consistent low-voltage installations worldwide.

The Siemon Board of Directors


Consisting of current Siemon executives, family stakeholders, and legal counsel as well as leaders such as former President and CEO, Carl N. Siemon and former CFO, Tom Costello, the Siemon Board of Directors delivers strategic advisory support and leadership, sharing their wealth of industry knowledge and business experience to guide the company’s ongoing development and growth.