Minimize all forms of waste

  • Within the full scope of our global operations, Siemon will continually pursue innovative new means of reducing our input material and resource needs, while simultaneously improving our process efficiencies to eliminate waste.  Combined with aggressive recycling and repurposing programs, Siemon seeks to divert all operational waste material away from landfill and into responsible material reclamation streams.

  • Siemon will extend our internal waste reduction efforts to customers and partners by reducing material usage in our products and packaging; using recycled and/or reclaimed materials where possible; and improving end-of-life material reclamation through recyclable input raw materials, product and packaging designs that facilitate sub-component breakdown and sorting.

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Annual Sustainability Report

Covering everything from our CO2 footprint analysis and SBTi net-zero commitments; to water conservation, biodiversity support, and waste reduction; to comprehensive safety initiatives, this report gives a full look at our efforts to build a more sustainable world.

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Driving Downstream Sustainability
Through Smart Packaging

As cliched as the term “The Three Rs” is (it is the subject of a children’s pop song, for goodness’ sake), it outlines very real and effective guidelines for us: reduce what we use, re-use what we can, and recycle what we can’t.

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Green Guidance
for Installers and Integrators

Learn how network infrastructure pros can leverage their suppliers’ and partners’ sustainability credentials to win business in a “green” world.

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