Eliminate pollution and support biodiversity

  • Siemon will not only meet all applicable local and regional laws and requirements regarding water, air, and solid waste pollution, we will continue our longstanding commitment to develop innovative policies and practices to exceed them.

  • Siemon remains committed to the preservation, protection, and restoration of natural ecosystems in our local communities. We work to consider and minimize the potential impact of our global operations on native flora, fauna, and landscapes through our day-to-day actions and our long-term processes, as well as continually seek means to protect and restore natural biodiversity – both within the scope of our operations and beyond. 


How many companies have
their own 3,300 acre tree farm?

In 1962, Carl Siemon purchased Branch Hill Farm, a three acre 200-year-old farm. Since then the farm has grown to over 3000 acres under the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Innovation, sustainability
and. . . puddles?

How can a puddle be a sustainability innovation? When it is a planned space filled with native plants for pollinators, provides migratory birds and butterflies with habitat, and naturally filters parking lot runoff before it flows into a nearby stream.

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Siemon and BHF Team Up
to Support Moose Mountains Greenways

Branch Hill Farms and the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust are founding members of Moose Mountain Regional Greenways, a non-profit land trust that has conserved over 11,000 acres of natural spaces and waterways.

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