Environmental Stewardship

Ongoing commitment to Sustainability.

While some may sit back and rest on their accolades, the Siemon Company is still a committed driving force in support of environment policies and conservation. In 2009 Siemon deployed, as part of the company’s ongoing environmental stewardship initiative, the 15,600 square-foot solar power system at the corporate manufacturing campus, which has reduced the operation’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

By shifting a portion of power usage to a non-polluting, renewable source, Siemon realized a number of environmental benefits. Carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by over 373,000 lbs by this solar power system alone. According to EPA estimates, this CO2 reduction is equivalent to the yearly output of 22 homes or 19,031 gallons of gasoline.

This clean solar power system joins a list of other sustainability efforts at Siemon, including an innovative waste management program that recently helped the company achieve Zero-Landfill status. Siemon recycles or repurposes over 900 tons of waste instead of sending it to landfills, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 2,675 tons by EPA estimates.

According to an extensive ISO 14001 driven internal audit, over 99 percent of the waste material at the Siemon campus is recycled, reused or repurposed in an environmentally sustainable manner. All remaining nonrecyclable items are transported to a local waste-to-energy plant, where they are incinerated under carefully controlled conditions to produce electricity. A small amount of ash, the by-product of the waste-to-energy process, is all that reaches landfill – and studies are underway to utilize this ash in other ways, such as environmentally-safe asphalt filler for roads.

When all the environmental efforts are placed together and compared against the company’s carbon emission rates, we see that our global operations are 179% Carbon Negative.

Video: Siemon Environmental Timeline and Overview

How many companies have grown their own 3,300 acre tree farm?

In 1962, Carl Siemon purchased Branch Hill Farm, a three acre 200-year-old farm.  The small farm grew with the additional purchase in 1966 of fifty-six acres of additional clear-cut land where a tree farm could be planted. Since then Branch Hill has expanded to over three thousand acres with forty-one separate land acquisitions. In 1996, under the stewardship of the Siemon family, the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust was formed as the private operating foundation for the farm and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Branch Hill Farm (www.branchhillfarm.org) is now a totally dedicated charity providing education programs on conservation and the preservation of fields, forest and wildlife.

At its current acreage Branch Hill Farm stands at four times the size of Central Park in New York and over past decades won a number of awards:

  • New Hampshire's Outstanding Tree Farm on three occasions.
  • New England's Outstanding Tree Farm on two occasions.
  • Second Place - US National Tree Farm Competition.

When all the environmental efforts are placed together and compared against the company’s carbon emission rates, we see that our global operations are 179% Carbon Negative.

Environmental Management.

The Siemon Company ensures implementation of environmental policies through a global environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001. The ISO 14001 environment management system is structured in a management cycle consisting of planning, implementation, controlling and management review including corrective actions.

“The Siemon Company is committed to protecting and preserving our environment through continual improvement in the design and manufacture of high quality copper and fibre network cabling system components.

Siemon’s Environmental Management System ensures compliance to applicable laws, regulations, permits, pollution prevention practices and company policies in the selection, use and disposal of all materials used in the office areas and production processes. The Siemon Company will establish ongoing environmental objectives and targets and will continue our waste minimization efforts in all aspects of our business.”


Environmental Accomplishments.

Environmental Stewardship - Continually at the forefront of environmental stewardship and were one of the 1st manufacturers to achieve ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 certified – All of Siemon’s global manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified with individual environmental management systems.

Carbon Negativity - Carbon reductions and offsets at Siemon’s global operations exceed actual emissions by over 179%.

Zero-Landfill - Over 99% of waste materials are recycled, reused or repurposed in an environmentally sustainable manner. Over 900 tons of waste materials were reused in 2009 alone.

Clean Solar Energy - 217KW, 15,600 square-foot solar power system at Siemon’s Dynamic Manufacturing Facility generated 216,000 kWh in 2009. Through Solar Energy Siemon provides a yearly greenhouse gas reduction of 373,000 lbs - equivalent to over 19,000 gallons of gasoline

Environmental Initiatives.

  • Environmental management programs - energy efficiency and lean manufacturing at all global operations.
  • Waste reduction program – progressive recycling and waste management
  • Responsible sourcing of materials and ROHS (reduction of hazardous substances) compliance
  • Active support of community greenway development and forestland conservation
  • Sourcing power from renewable and sustainable sources

Some of our Green Awards.


All of Siemon’s global manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified with individual environmental management systems.

Global Manufacturing.


Tijuana, Mexico
ISO 14001 certified.
‘Zero’ Landfill policy.


Watertown, US
ISO 14001 certified.
‘Zero’ Landfill policy.


Brno, Czech Republic
ISO 14001 certified.
‘Zero’ Landfill policy.


Shanghai, China
ISO 14001 certified.
‘Zero’ Landfill policy.

We are not going Green... We already are Green


The Siemon Company is established.


Purchase Branch Hill Farm - 3 acre working farm.


Continued to invest in Branch Hill Farm - currently 3,000+ acres.


Branch Hill Farm established as Charitable Trust.


One of the first manufacturers to achieve ISO 14001.


98% of manufacturing waste repurposed.


Invested in 15,600 sq ft Solar Power Plant. Global ‘Zero’ landfill policy.

Today Siemon are Carbon Negative.

RoHS Compliance.

Siemon has achieved compliance to these RoHS requirements. Specifically:

  • All Siemon products shipped to EU Member States from Siemon factories are fully RoHS compliant.
  • As of March 1, 2007 all products shipped from Siemon factories to China comply to Chinese RoHS marking requirements
  • All Siemon products are shipped in packaging marked with the to signify EU RoHS compliance and the or to signify China RoHS status.