Environmental Stewardship

Ongoing commitment to Sustainability.

While some may sit back and rest on their accolades, the Siemon Company is still a committed driving force in support of environment policies and conservation.

Energy Efficiency + Renewable Energy =  Sustainability:

By continually pushing greater energy efficiency through advancing technology. A corporate culture focused on environmental responsibility, and shifting power usage to non-polluting, renewable sources wherever possible, Siemon has driven a decades-long push towards sustainability.   For example, a 15,600 square-foot solar power system deployed at Siemon’s corporate manufacturing campus reduces the company’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by over 373,000 lbs a year.  According to EPA estimates, this CO2 reduction is equivalent to the yearly output of 22 homes or 19,031 gallons of gasoline – and that’s just one of Siemon’s green efforts.

When all the environmental efforts are placed together and compared against the company’s carbon emission rates, we see that our global operations are 179% Carbon Negative


How many companies have grown their own 3,300 acre tree farm?

In 1962, Carl Siemon purchased Branch Hill Farm, a three acre 200-year-old farm.  The small farm grew with the additional purchase in 1966 of fifty-six acres of additional clear-cut land where a tree farm could be planted. Since then Branch Hill has expanded to over three thousand acres with forty-one separate land acquisitions. In 1996, under the stewardship of the Siemon family, the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust was formed as the private operating foundation for the farm and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Branch Hill Farm (www.branchhillfarm.org) is now a totally dedicated charity providing education programs on conservation and the preservation of fields, forest and wildlife.

At its current acreage Branch Hill Farm stands at four times the size of Central Park in New York and over past decades won a number of awards:

  • New Hampshire's Outstanding Tree Farm on three occasions.
  • New England's Outstanding Tree Farm on two occasions.
  • Second Place - US National Tree Farm Competition.
Branch hill farm

Environmental Management.

The Siemon Company ensures implementation of environmental policies through a global environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001. The ISO 14001 environment management system is structured in a management cycle consisting of planning, implementation, controlling and management review including corrective actions.

“The Siemon Company is committed to protecting and preserving our environment through continual improvement in the design and manufacture of high quality copper and fibre network cabling system components.

Siemon’s Environmental Management System ensures compliance to applicable laws, regulations, permits, pollution prevention practices and company policies in the selection, use and disposal of all materials used in the office areas and production processes. The Siemon Company will establish ongoing environmental objectives and targets and will continue our waste minimization efforts in all aspects of our business.”

iso-14001-certificationAll of Siemon's global manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified with individual environmental management systems.

To learn more about Siemon’s commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, please visit the following resources:

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