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For years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have reshaped industries, empowered lives, and tackled complex global issues. These transformative forces, formerly identified as HPC (high-performance computing), have fueled digital transformations across organizations of all sizes, boosting productivity, efficiency, and problem-solving prowess.

The emergence of highly innovative generative AI (GenAI) models, powered by deep learning and neural networks, is further disrupting the game. Increased use of these data- and compute-intensive ML and GenAI applications is placing unprecedented demands on data center infrastructure, requiring reliable high-bandwidth, low-latency data transmission, significantly higher cabling and rack power densities, and advanced cooling methods.


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Generative AI Solutions Guide

Explore the innovative network infrastructure solutions that will help you easily design, deploy, and scale back-end, front-end, and storage network fabrics for complex high-performance computing AI environments.

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Advanced AI Calls for a Data Center Design Rethink

As data centers gear up for GenAI, users need innovative, robust network infrastructure solutions that will help them to easily design, deploy, and scale back-end, front-end, and storage network fabrics for complex high-performance computing (HPC) AI environments.

gernative-ai-Nvidia-training-and-Inference-workflow-diagramNVIDIA Deep Learning Inference Platform Example

Accelerated GenAI and ML models consist of training (learning new capabilities) and inference (applying the capabilities to new data). These deep-learning and neural networks mimic the human brain’s architecture and function to learn and generate new, original content based on analyzing patterns, nuances, and characteristics across massive, complex datasets. Large language models (LLM), such as ChatGPT and Google Bard, are examples of these GenAI models trained on vast amounts of data to understand and generate plausible language responses. General-purpose CPUs that perform control and input/output operations in sequence cannot effectively pull vast amounts of data in parallel from various sources and process it quickly enough.

Therefore, accelerated ML and GenAI models rely on graphical processing units (GPUs) that use accelerated parallel processing to execute thousands of high-throughput computations simultaneously. The compute capability of a single GPU-based server can match the performance of dozens of traditional CPU-based servers!


On-Demand TechTalk: What is the Impact of Generative AI on Your Infrastructure?

Our GenAI experts provide much-needed clarity on this fast-changing subject, showcasing demonstrable examples of how to adapt your network architecture designs to best meet the requirements for training and inferencing.

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Siemon is AI-Ready

Siemon is at the forefront of the GenAI revolution, and through collaboration with our customers and partners who are already delivering these technologies, we’ve developed a range of next-generation AI-Ready solutions that are ready to support your deployments.

400G to 200G
Fiber Conversion Cords

400G to 200G Fiber Conversion Cords

This equipment conversion cord
is designed to support easy
deployment of an 8-fiber
application across a
4-fiber MTP infrastructure.

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Fiber Optic Trunk Assemblies

Base-8 Fiber Optic Trunk Assemblies

Configurable to precise application
requirements, these assemblies put
high-performance, quality
connections where
users need them.

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Fiber Optic Jumpers

Base-8 Fiber Optic Jumpers

Ideal for connecting the MTP
trunk backbone to your active
equipment, our jumpers’ design
ensures 100% utilization
in 8-fiber applications.

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High Speed
Cable Assemblies

High Speed Cable Assemblies

Designed for high-speed,
low latency point-to-point
applications, our industry-leading
DACs and AOCs are ideal
for your AI needs.

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