Decommissioning and Sustainable EoL Material Reclamation

Siemon Global Project Services (GPS) offers end-of-life (EoL) infrastructure handling services, both as part of its overall turn-key project management services or as a stand-alone decommissioning service. 

GPS leverages Siemon's global support resources and worldwide network of qualified, highly trained Siemon Certified Installers (CI) to manage the decommissioning and sustainable material reclamation process from beginning to end. 

How it Works: 

  • GPS project coordinators work with the customer to determine the scope of the decommissioning project through detailed site assessments and provide an abatement plan recommendation.
  • GPS secures qualified local labor through its Global Certified Installer network; communicates project specification and requirements; and coordinates all logistics according to the customer timeline, including: 
    • Provision of scrap handling infrastructure, such as rolloffs/skips.
    • EoL material removal checklist and inventory documentation.
    • Identification of qualified local recycling/reclamation facilities.
  • Upon completion of on-site decommissioning work, material is transported to local waste management facilities where it is processed through recycling and/or reclamation for re-entry into the material stream.
  • GPS works with the local CI and waste management facilities to provide the customer with full documentation of sustainable closed-loop EoL material handling and reclamation. 

The formal documentation of waste handling, recycling/reclamation, and waste stream mapping provides an array of potential customer benefits: from leveraging responsible, Earth-friendly practices in the company’s overall sustainability program, to providing quantifiable project-level environmental impact mitigation metrics, and even re-investing the recycled material proceeds into carbon offsets or other sustainability initiatives. 

Beyond environmental sustainability, the removal of abandoned infrastructure material, particularly cable, is often a matter of health and safety. Abandoned cable able can represent a significant fuel load and smoke source in the event of a fire, and its removal is often mandated by national, regional and local codes, such as the NEC. 

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