Assessment & Planning


GPS assessments and subsequent reports define the current state of a customer's existing infrastructure as it pertains to Information Transport Systems (ITS). The report provided is an analysis of the variance between the current state and established industry and company specific standards, along with preliminary estimated budget needed to bring the infrastructure into compliance. Our assessment process includes:

  • Visits to client locations to gather necessary project criteria for existing facilities and to identify gaps in standards and code compliance
  • Assessments of the current state versus client standards and project requirements, including equipment and computer room inventories and drawings; infrastructure cabling requirements; construction requirements; pathways, office and modular furniture detail; equipment and computer room electrical; mechanical and security requirements; and new network, infrastructure and hardware requirements.
  • Information gathering to develop a comprehensive project assessment report that includes existing conditions, health and safety issues, industry/client standards issues, remediation recommendations and preliminary budgets for remediation and design/engineering services.


GPS planning encompasses consulting services to assist customers in defining their "end goal” and developing a strategic plan in alignment with business requirements, including:

  • Identifying key project personnel and areas of responsibility's with the client.
  • Project discovery to evaluate all collected data to assist in the design strategies.
  • Develop informational lists to aid in the gathering of any additional information needed, including physical structure from a communications perspective, expected communications traffic flow patterns and operations, workstation locations, existing drawings, existing configurations, existing equipment inventories, and existing network requirements

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