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Smart Building technology

Current Trends in Power over Ethernet Technology

HOW TO Make Your Smart Building Even Smarter

Smart Building technology including PoE lighting platforms, sensor networks, displays, and kiosks provide numerous analytic benefits to building owners and occupants. Learn how analytics and PoE are a driving role in making your smart building smarter.

This webinar covers key intelligent building applications and the infrastructure considerations to support them. Additionally, watch this session to explore…

  • The benefits of having a centralized PoE platform
  • PoE platform capabilities, infrastructure requirements, and applications
  • Considerations for utilizing PoE as a backbone for your smart building
  • Cabling & connectivity best practices
  • 15 min Q&A

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Meet the Presenters


Moderator & IB Expert: Bob Allan
Global Business Development Manager for Intelligent Buildings

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Dwight Steward

Dwight Stewart
CTO & Founder


Session will be recorded and available to registered attendees.

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