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V800 Cabinets and Accessories

V800 Cabinets and Accessories Enlarge this image


V800 Cabinet Solution

Siemon's V800 cabinets provide a robust, cost-effective enclosure solution that provides valuable space on each side of the equipment rails for cable management, PDU mounting or connectivity on both the front and rear of the cabinet. The V800 cabinet is ideal for high-density data center environments, enabling increased cabling and equipment density while providing excellent accessibility and thermal efficiency. All of these features are integrated into a full-featured modular enclosure that is equally effective as a standalone network and server cabinet or in a multi-unit bayed configuration, offering a simple, scalable expansion path in any data center.

  • Lightweight Stability ­ Design provides an extremely stable, high-capacity cabinet without excessive weight
  • Zero-U Modularity ­ Half-height Zero-U panels can be mounted in any of the four quadrants (top left, bottom left, top right and bottom right) of both the front and rear of the cabinet
  • Full Accessibility Doors ­ Quick release, field reversible single piece front and split rear doors
  • Integrated Side Panel Grounding ­ Spring loaded grounding clips eliminate need for dedicated grounding conductors
  • High-Flow Doors ­ Contoured high density perforated door provides up to 71% perforation exceeding major IT equipment air flow requirements
  • Fully Adjustable Equipment Rails ­ Can be readily configured to support any range of equipment depths


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The V82A cabinet is exactly 1200mm deep, allowing for full access to adjacent tiles immediately in front or in back of placed cabinets and provides full 1.2m aisle spacing as specified within ISO/IEC 14763-2 and EN 50600-2-4.
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The cabinet lid includes four integrated brush guards for cables to enter the cabinet without compromising thermal integrity.


Height* 42U: 2013mm (79.25 in.)
45U: 2146mm (84.5 in.)
48U: 2280mm (89.75 in.)
Width 800mm (31.5 in.)
Depth - External (Door-to-Door) V81A: 1000mm (39.37 in.)
V82A: 1200 mm ( 47.24 in)
Depth - Usable (Rail to Rail Max.) V81A: 806mm (31.8 in.)
V82A: 1006mm (39.6 in.)
Weight** 42U V81A: 111kg (245 lbs.)/V82A: 126kg (278 lbs.)
45U V81A: 116kg (256 lbs.)/V82A: 131kg (289 lbs.)
48U V81A: 121kg (267 lbs.)/V82A: 136kg (300 lbs.)
Load Rating Static: 1000kg ( 2205 lbs )
Dynamic: 714kg ( 1575 lbs )
Base Type Open
Color Black (RAL 9011)
% Door Perforation 71%
U Space Identification Yes (bottom-to-top)
Lid Cable Access Openings V81A: 3 large; (4) 63x406mm (2.5x16 in.) integrated brush guards
V82A: 4 large; (4) 63x406mm (2.5x16 in.) integrated brush guards
Material CRS of varying thickness
Finish Textured Powder Coat
Standards Compliance UL 60950-1 Ed2.0, EIA/ECA-310-E, IP20

* Nominal height with stabilizing brackets;
** Does not include packaging

Part Numbers

1) V800 Cabinet
V8(X)A-(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)1-(XX)  V800 Cabinet, Black. Includes (4) leveling feet, (50) M6 cage nuts and (2) stabilizing brackets.
2) V800 Cabinet Accessories
CN-M6-50  M6 Cage Nuts, Bag of 50
HCM-4-(X)U (Picture) RouteIT 19 in. Horizontal Cable Manager with 4 in. Fingers
HCM-6-(X)U (Picture) RouteIT 19 in. Horizontal Cable Manager with 6 in. Fingers
PNL-BRSH-1 (Picture) 19 in. Brush Guard Panel, 1U
PNL-TBLNK010-1S (Picture) 19 in. Snapfit Thermal Blanking Panel, 1U, Pkg of 10
PNL-TBLNK100-1S (Picture) 19 in. Snapfit Thermal Blanking Panel, 1U, Pkg of 100
RS-VCM (Picture) 1/4-turn Hook and Loop Cable Managers, Box of 10. Can be installed in Vertical Patching Channels w/Fingers
V-SHV1-01-1U (Picture) 4-post, Adjustable Shelf, Vented, 559-787mm (22-31 in.), Black, 1U
V-SHV2-01-1U (Picture) 4-post, Adjustable Shelf, Vented, 787-1016mm (31-40 in.), Black, 1U
V-TRAY-100-1-(XX) (Picture) 100mm (3.9 in) V600/V800 Vertical Cable Tray, Set of 2, Black
V-TRAY-150-1-(XX) (Picture) 150mm (5.9 in) V600/V800 Vertical Cable Tray, Set of 2, Black
V-TRAY-300-1-(XX) (Picture) 300mm (11.8 in) V600/V800 Vertical Cable Tray, Set of 2, Black
V-W (Picture) V600/V800 Casters (set of four)
V1A-S-1-(XX) (Picture) V600/V800 1000mm (40 in.) Split Side Panels, Black, set of 2
V2A-S-1-(XX) (Picture) V600/V800 1200mm (48 in.) Split Side Panels, Black, set of 2
V8A-BLNK-1-(XX) (Picture) Half-height Zero-U Vertical Blanking Panel. Used to block off unused Zero-U spaces to prevent re-circulation of air.
V8A-BRSH-1-(XX) (Picture) Half-height Zero-U Vertical Brush Guard Panel
V8A-DRA-1-(XX) (Picture) V800 Full Vented Door, Black
V8A-DRB-1-(XX) (Picture) V800 Split Vented Doors, Black, set of 2
V8A-DRC-1-(XX) (Picture) V800 Split Solid Doors, Black, set of 2
V8A-LD-1 (Picture) V800 Lid Divider Panel, set of 2 107mm (4.2 in.) high Used to create cable pathways on top of bayed cabinets
V8A-PDU-F1-1-(XX) (Picture) Full-height Zero-U Vertical PDU Panel Full length brackets support tool-less mounting of one (1) vertical rack mount PDU with a maximum width of 86.4mm (3.4 in.) and 1.24m (49 in.), 1.56m (61.25 in.) or 1.65m (64.75 in.) O.C. mounting buttons
V8A-R-1-(XX) (Picture) V800 Equipment Mounting Rails, Black, set of 2
V8A-VPC145-1-(XX) (Picture) Half-height Zero-U Vertical Patching Channel with D-Ring Managers
V8A-VPC4-1-(XX) (Picture) Half-height Zero-U Vertical Patching Channel with 4 in. Fingers and Cover
V8A-VPC6-1-(XX) (Picture) Half-height Zero-U Vertical Patching Channel with 6 in. Fingers and Cover
V8A-VPP2U-1-(XX) (Picture) Half-height Zero-U Vertical Patch Panel, 2U. Includes (8) M6 cage nuts Mounts 2U of standard 19 in. panels or PDUs in vertical orientation
VA-VPA-BAY-1 (Picture) VersaPOD-to-V600/V800 Baying Kit. Secures (1) VersaPOD cabinet to (1) V600/V800 cabinet
VP-143 (Picture) 1/4-turn Hook and Loop Cable Managers, 88.9x44.5mm (3.50x1.75 in.) Can be installed in Vertical PDU/Cable Management Brackets.
VP-145  ¼-Turn D-Ring Cable Manager (box of 10), 127.0x88.9mm (5.00x3.50 in.). Can be installed in Vertical Management Trays only.
VP-DUCT1 (Picture) Adjustable Height Vertical Exhaust Duct, 516-923mm (20-36 in.)
VP-DUCT2 (Picture) Adjustable Height Vertical Exhaust Duct, 913-1320mm (36-52 in.)
VP-FAN (Picture) Top-Mount Cooling Fan Panel. 3 Fans x 110CFM, 120VAC w/NEMA 5-15P plug, UL Listed
VP-FAN-220 (Picture) Top-Mount Cooling Fan Panel. 3 Fans x 110CFM, 220VAC w/C13 plug, UL Listed
VP-GRD (Picture) Grounding Kit. Includes ground bar, ground wire, mounting hardware and accessories (capacity to support all required grounding connections for a single cabinet)
VP-SPL (Picture) 1/4-Turn Fiber Management Spool, Bag of 5. Can be installed in Vertical Patching Channels w/Fingers
VP-T3 (Picture) Brush Guard, Large For large center top panel cable openings
VPA-SPAN-1 (Picture) Adjustable Depth Cable Trough Extends from 555mm (21.9 in.) to 911mm (35.9 in.) 81mm (3.2 in.) wide; 65mm (2.6 in.) high Used to route cables between the front and rear of cabinets. Mounts between Vertical Patching Channels mounted to front and rear of cabinets.

Use (XX) to specify cabinet height: 42 = 42U, 45 = 45U, 48 = 48U

* Vertical exhaust ducts are compatible with 1200mm deep cabinets only. Solid doors should be specified for cabinets using exhaust ducts.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice