Уведомления об изменениях в продуктовой линейке

11.10.2021 Product revision notice FCP3-RACK Fiber Enclosures
11.10.2021 Discontinuation notice SC Erika Violet Adapter Plates
30.04.2021 Prodict update High Speed Interconnects 10G SFP+ and 25G SFP28 Direct Attach Cables (DACs)
25.11.2020 Discontinuation notice Direct Attached Cables (DACs)
06.11.2020 Product revision notice MapIT G2 Interconnect Module, Master and Distribution Control Panels
04.06.2020 Internal launch Global Internal Launch: Value Vertical Cable Manager
25.03.2020 Pre-launch notification Value Vertical Cable Manager
18.03.2020 Internal launch Global Internal Launch: Shielded DIN Rail Mounted Patch Panel
11.03.2020 Discontinuation notice Category 5e Shielded Products - Global
02.03.2020 Discontinuation notice QSFP+ 40G - Active Optical Cables
02.09.2019 Product revision notice LightStack®Ultra High Density Fiber Enclosures (Base 8 & 12)
07.05.2019 Discontinuation notice VersaPOD® Cabinet & Accessories
27.08.2018 New product update PowerMax PDU Sensor Accessories
12.07.2018 New product update Cabinet Accessory - Top Mount Cooling Fan 260V -Global
12.07.2018 Discontinuation notice Cabinet Accessory - Top Mount Cooling Fan 220V -Global
22.06.2018 Prodict update PowerMax™ PDUs with Locking Receptacles
22.06.2018 Discontinuation notice CJ5 Products
06.04.2018 Product notification S110/S210 Multi-Pair Termination Tool Shortage
05.04.2018 Product revision notice QSFP+ Active Optical Cables
04.04.2018 Prodict update Enhanced Lead Time for Singlemode LC/APC Patch Cords
10.01.2018 Product revision notice TERA® 2-Pair and 4-Pair Plug Enhancement
10.01.2018 New product update V600™ Cabinet Lid Dividers
10.01.2018 Product revision notice V600™ Cabinet Lid Changes
04.01.2018 Discontinuation notice RG6 F-Type Connector and Compression Tool
09.11.2017 Pre-launch notification Z-PLUG™ Field-Terminated Plug
04.10.2017 Prodict update Category 6 E2 Cable REELEX Packaging
23.08.2017 Discontinuation notice 7 Series PDUs - International
12.06.2017 Discontinuation notice RS/RS3 Series Horizontal Cable Managers