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Siemon's AIA and NIBS Standards-Compliant BIM Models from Autodesk® Seek for Copper and Fiber Patching, Racks, Cabinets, Cable Management, Accessories, PDUs, Zone Enclosures and Work Area in RevIT

Free BIM models for data centers

Siemon's growing library of standards-compliant RevIT BIM models on Autodesk Seek make it easier to specify and incorporate components into drawings and bid packages, while facilitating accurate design of data centers, LANs and intelligent buildings in a way that ensures reliability, performance and scalability.


Copper Patching

TERA-MAX Patch Panels
HD 6 Patch Panels
Z-MAX 6A UTP Patch Panels (Flat and Angled)

Fiber Patching/Enclosures

Rack Mount Interconnect Center (RIC3)
Fiber Connect Panel (FCP3)
Flat Quick-Pack Adapter Plates
Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3)
Plug And Play Modules

Racks/Cable Management

VersaPOD 4-Post Rack
Extended Depth RS Rack System
RS Rack System
RS3 Cable Management Rack System
RouteIT Cable Managers
Cable Tray Rack


VersaPOD Cabinet
VersaPOD (VP2) SidePOD and Baffle
VersaPOD Zero-U Sliding Vertical Patch Panels
VersaPOD Zero-U End-of-Row Vertical Panels
VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Cable Management
VersaPOD Zero-U PDU Mounting Brackets
VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Blanking Panel
V800 Cabinets and Accessories
V800 Lid Dividers
V600 Cabinet and Accessories
V600/V800 Vertical Cable Trays
Wall Mount Cabinet
Equipment Shelf - Double-Sided
4-Post Adjustable Depth Shelves
Blank Filler Panel - Angled
Blank Filler Panel - Flat
SnapFit Thermal Blanking Panel (Toolless)
Aisle Containment Solutions
Cold Aisle Containment System - EMEA Only


Metered PDUs

Zone Enclosures

24-Port MAX Zone Unit Enclosure
Low Profile MAX Zone Unit Enclosure

Work Area

Stainless Steel MAX Faceplates
MAX Modular Faceplates