LightBow Fiber - Termination Upgrade Kit


Siemon's LightBow upgrade kit includes all tools and accessories needed to easily upgrade Siemon XLR8 fiber termination kits. For use with the time-saving Lightbow fiber termination system and prepolished mechanical splice connectors.The upgrade kit includes the new easy-to-use LightBow activation tool, visual fault locator pen with 1.25mm adapter, LC and SC strip template and convenient carrying case.

LightBow Termination Tool

  • Optimal Alignment - Alignment channels simplify fiber insertion and prevent damage to fiber end face
  • Integrated Strip Template - LC and SC strip template on tool ensures proper strip lengths
  • Universal LC/SC Compatibility - Tool terminates both LC and SC connectors with no time-consuming changeover
  • Fast, Robust Process - Combines both splice activation and mechanical crimping to significantly reduce termination time

Visual Fault Locator "VFL"

  • Durable Construction - Metal body with rubber protective guard
  • Compact - Hand held pen-style design
  • Recessed Function Button
  • 2.5mm Universal Connector Adapter - Ceramic alignment for SC, ST, FC sleeve ensures optimum core-to-core alignment
  • 2.5mm to 1.25mm universal connector adapter

Часть системы XGLO (10 Gb/s) оптическая система


Reduced Risk of Contamination and Endface Damage
All termination steps completed with dust cap in place, protecting critical end-face polish

Quality Performance
Termination combines splicing and crimping in a single step, eliminating handling that can impact connection integrity.

VFL Verification Window
Built-in window in the connector body is used with the 0.5mW output power, Laser Class 1 VFL to verify a good termination. Connector can be adjusted or reterminated if needed.



LightBow Fiber - Termination Upgrade Kit
FT-LB-UKIT  LightBow upgrade kit for XLR8 fiber termination tool kits includes termination tool, visual fault locator (VFL), visual fault locator 1.25mm adapter, strip template and convenient carrying case.

Note: XLR8 termination tool kit components can be used to terminate LightBow connectors with the exception of the XLR8 fiber activation tool and strip template. The LightBow termination tool and strip template must be used to terminate LightBow connectors. The XLR8 cleaver can be used during the LightBow termination process.*

* A 10mm cleave length is required for LightBow terminations.

Siemon's LightBow Fiber Termination Tool and 0.5mW VFL is for use with Siemon LightBow prepolished mechanical splice connectors available in both LC and SC multimode and singlemode versions.