Панели-заглушки для безинструментального монтажа


Siemon SnapFit Thermal Blanking Panel is a toolless blanking panel used to help improve thermal efficiency by preventing airflow through vacant rack-mount spaces within enclosures. The SnapFit Thermal Blanking Panel simply snaps into the square holes of 1U cabinet spaces to improve thermal efficiency and reserve space. By isolating the front of the cabinet, these panels keep the cold air directed at the equipment where it is needed. Blanking panels help to prevent recirculation of hot air to improve a facility's cooling effectiveness. These panels also fill empty rack-mount space to conceal openings or reserve the positions for future use.

  • Durable, lightweight panels
  • Cost effective solution for data centers
  • Snaps quickly into place without requiring tools
  • Fits cabinets and racks with square mounting rail holes
  • Easy to remove when space is ready to be used
  • 1U height for maximum flexibility


PNL-TBLNK010-1S  SnapFit Thermal Blanking Panel toolless blank filler panel, 1U, square holes, black, package of 10
PNL-TBLNK100-1S  SnapFit thermal blanking panel for 19 inch rack, 1U, square holes, black, plastic, box of 100