Панели-заглушки угловые

Панели-заглушки угловые



The new angled blank filler panels are ideal for covering open or expansion space in racks where angled patch panels are installed. These new blank panels are ideal for data center applications to maintain separation between hot aisles and cold aisles and prevent hot exhaust air from re-circulating and mixing with chilled air at equipment in-takes. They also improve the rigidity of racks or cabinets and provide a finished and consistent appearance when using angled MAX® or angled TERA®-MAX panels.


PNL-BLNKA-1 Angled blank filler panel for 19 inch rack/cabinet, 1 RMS
PNL-BLNKA-2 Angled blank filler panel for 19 inch rack/cabinet, 2 RMS

Note: 1 RMS = 44.5mm (1.75 in.)