Откидной конструктив для патч панелей с кабельным организатором


<p>Siemon's panel access hinge allows 2 RMS wall or rack-mounted 19 inch patch panels to rotate forward, providing access to the termination field on the back of panels. Once mounted, the panel can be hinged in either the 90° or 120° position to facilitate the use of a single-position or multi-pair impact tool. The integrated 1 RMS cable manager has removable cable managers to prevent interference when hinging stacked units. This innovative design is compatible with 19 inch free standing racks, wall-mount racks and stand-off brackets.</p>


PH-3 3 RMS panel access hinge includes integral 1 RMS panel with 5 removable cable managers and accepts one 2 RMS or two 1 RMS patch panels
1 RMS = 44.5mm (1.75 in.)