Катушка для ВО кабеля

Катушка для ВО кабеля



Siemon introduces its' new fiber management spool for use with Siemon's VersaPOD cabinets. The fiber spool features a simple compress-release installation to mount into Siemon's VP-VPC and VP-VPM vertical management panels to provide bend relief and slack management for fiber patch cords. The spool has a 44.5mm (1.75 in.) bend radius to maintain proper optical integrity of the fiber patch cords routed across or around the spools.

A 37.5mm (1.5 in.) lip on the top and bottom of the manager ensures that the patch cords are properly retained.

The spool is approximately 96mm (3.75 in.) deep and to match the depth of the management fingers of the VP-VPC.

  • Constructed using durable, high-strength thermoplastic
  • Also mounts into Siemon's RS and RS3 series 4U horizontal cable managers


VP-SPL VersaPOD fiber management spool, black, bag of 5