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Innovative RJ-45 Design

Siemon Innovations that make Z-MAX possible...

Z-MAX Plug and Outlet

With Z-MAX, Siemon has shattered the RJ-45 barrier. We have achieved best-in-class performance through an innovative "matched" system which combines an optimally tuned plug with a higher performance outlet.

  • Best guaranteed category 6A margin in the industry
  • Leading performance on all parameters, not just NEXT
  • Exceptional alien crosstalk performance
  • Consistent, superior performance,eliminates marginal reporting
  • Narrower NEXT range provides capability to tune to higher channel performance levels
  • Advanced contact technology and automated assembly results in decreased performance variability
  • compared with crimp-type plugs Smart-Plug is fully backwards compatible and standards compliant
  • PCB-based contacts eliminate pair-crossing condition present in traditional cords

A critical element of Z-MAX systems’ exceptional performance is our smart-plug technology. The Z-MAX smart plug contains a tuned printed circuit board (PCB), normally only found in outlets, to achieve high performance tuning.

This advancement in miniaturisation has packaged the tuning capability and consistency of a PCB in an industry standard RJ-45 footprint, giving the Z-MAX patch cord unsurpassed performance capabilities.

Zero-Cross Terminations

The crossing of cable pairs has long been recognised as a source of variability and performance degradation in connector systems. The linear design of the Z-MAX termination module allows conductors to feed naturally into position without the need for pair crossing.

  • Removes a significant source of noise and interference present in all other RJ-45 outlets
  • Maintains and protects cable pair structure for optimised transmission performance consistency

Diagonal IDC Contact Orientation

Siemon engineers thought "outside of the box" when they developed our diagonally-oriented IDC contact technology. This unique configuration places contacts on a single plane yet varies the alignment of each individual contact within the Z-MAX outlet. This design provides distinct performance benefits compared with traditional rectangular contact layouts.

  • Maximises pair-to-pair separation from adjacent outlets to minimise alien crosstalk even in the most dense category 6A patching environments
  • Enhances NEXT performance within outlets
  • Fully enclosed IDC’s eliminates exposure of uninsulated conductors