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Z-MAX Challenge Contest Rules:

  • The Z-MAX Challenge is open to network cabling installers only. Contestants must be over 18 to enter. One entry will be accepted per contestant. Siemon reserves the right to refuse any ineligible entry.
  • Contest runs to October 31, 2013. All videos must be received by October 31, 2013 to be eligible.
  • To enter, email video to
    • Entries must include:
      • Contestant's full name, company and title
      • Full contact details - mailing address, email, phone number
      • Video
        • Smartphone videos are preferred. However, any e-mailable video is acceptable.
        • Video must clearly show the entire Z-MAX UTP termination process
        • Must include all Z-MAX UTP termination steps, including cable preparation.
        • The contestant may remove the Z-MAX UTP outlet components from its packaging and arrange on the work surface as desired (See sample setup image)
        • The timed termination begins when the contestant first touches the un-prepped cable and ends when the properly terminated outlet is removed from the Z-TOOL.
        • Siemon reserves the right to refuse any video not meeting above requirements.
        • Contestants may be required to verify timed termination steps at Siemon's discretion
    • Contestants will be notified via email upon successful receipt of eligible entries. If you do not receive receipt confirmation, please contact Brian Duval at
    • To obtain sample Z-MAX product for video, request your free Z-MAX Challenge Kit. Limit 1 per contestant.
    • By entering the Z-MAX Challenge, you agree to allow Siemon to:
      • Post your video online for use in future promotions
      • Use your name and company name in future promotions
  • - Prizes:
    • Fastest Termination - $1000 in AMEX gift cards, presented to winning contestant/company.
    • 2nd - $500 AMEX card
    • 3rd - $250 AMEX card
    • In the event of a tie, the applicable prizes will be equally divided among the winners, (I.E. In a 2-way tie for first place, winners will each receive half of the combined 1 and 2nd place prizes, or $750.)
  • Winners will be notified via email on November 7, 2013.
  • Winners names will be announced publicly on November 21, 2013