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Balanced Twisted Pair Field Testing Requirements
for Siemon Cabling System Warranty Programs

Warranties effected by this update include:

  • Solution 5e, Premium 5e, Solution 6, System 6, Premium 6, Z-MAX Premium 6
  • TERA

The warranties offered by The Siemon Company have been developed to provide high performance warranted solutions to ensure proper operation of next generation applications. In order to ensure that these applications operate properly over the installed structured cabling system, it is necessary to qualify cabling installations with devices capable of measuring all pertinent parameters and providing the most accurate measurements possible.

A list of compliant field testers and associated test adapters from approved manufacturers has been provided on the following pages to verify Siemon Cabling System® installations.

The Siemon Company requires the use of one of the "approved" UTP/ScTP field testers, adapters and software versions found on the following page for warranty registration on all installations.

If you have any questions pertaining to Siemon field-testing requirements or other related issues, please contact the Technical Support or Training Department at The Siemon Company in Watertown Connecticut at 1-800-365-2285 or your regional international sales office.

Field Tester Manufacturers