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Building Management:

TBICSM is a technology solution, but it is also a progressive and effective management tool designed to meet the needs of architects, general contractors, facility managers and building owners.TBICSM saves money by reducing installation and management costs.

Typically, planning and coordinating different types of cabling for various applications is one of the most challenging phases for the construction management team. Dealing with a variety of different trades and different cabling media, topologies, pathways and delivery methods can result in conflict and inconvenience. Because TBICSM is a single cabling infrastructure, it is significantly easier to project manage, install, maintain, and troubleshoot. Once in place, the system can be monitored and controlled from a central location, dramatically increasing operating efficiencies.

Building Technology

Building Technology:

Fulfilling end-user requirements for sophisticated technology is a continual challenge. TBICSM readily supports existing and future technology. The system's interoperability enables different systems and vendors to utilize the same physical cabling platform so, as new applications are introduced, the equipment is simply connected to the integrated cabling infrastructure. TBICSM provides building occupants the flexibility they need to accommodate their current and future technology needs while providing the ability to control individual environments. Providing these value-added services to tenants creates a recurring revenue stream for building owners.

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