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Siemon's Total Building Integration Cabling (TBICSM) solution can be based on high performance unshielded (UTP), screened (F/UTP), or shielded twisted-pair copper, 50/125 and 62.5/125 multimode and singlemode optical fiber cable. TBICSM provides the flexibility and reliability needed to ensure that all telephones, networked PCs, building system controllers, sensors, actuators, security cameras and other building applications will be supported. The ability to operate multiple systems over a common cabling infrastructure is the cornerstone of the TBICSM concept.

TBICSM Overview


Place cursor over icons in the building to view the systems that are supported by The Siemon TBICSM System.

Open System Architecture:

  • Multiple vendor support allows freedom.
  • Multi-system support accommodates voice, data, and building control systems.
  • Application independent design provides limitless possibilities for adapting new and emerging technologies.

Integrated Cabling System:

  • Eliminates proprietary cabling for application specific devices.
  • Increases interoperability by providing a single cabling platform.
  • Allows easy access and interconnections for all systems and users.

Enhanced Facility Design, Construction, and Management:

  • Elimination of system-specific cabling streamlines the design process.
  • Single cabling infrastructure reduces labor and overall construction and installation costs
  • Consolidation of cabling systems simplifies ongoing maintenance and reduces operating costs.