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Carrie Higbie Carrie Higbie's Ask The Expert


Siemon's own Global Network Applications Market Manager, Carrie Higbie (Bio), participates on the "Ask the Experts" panel at where she answers questions on new and emerging technologies.

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We invite you to view Carrie's webinar called "Maximize Uptime and Protect Your ROI With Your Cabling" by clicking here.

Tune in to this exclusive webcast and learn more about:

  • The cost of downtime
  • What causes slow response times
  • How to audit your infrastructure
  • How to protect your electronics investments
  • How to maximize uptime
  • What emerging standards mean to your organization
  • How to tell if you are ready for convergence

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Emerging Technologies with Carrie Higbie (Bio)

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Maximizing Your Network Investment Seminar

With new bandwidth-intensive applications and technologies introduced daily, your network's reliability and throughput capacity are vital to your business success. Maximizing Your Network Investment is a FREE half-day seminar designed to introduce business and IT professionals to new and emerging technologies in cabling, electronics and applications, how they can affect your network's performance, and what strategies can be implemented to protect your network investment. Presented by Siemon, DuPont and 3Com.