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Equipment Room

A centralized space for telecommunications equipment that serves specific occupants of the building. Any or all of the functions of a telecommunications room or entrance facility may alternately be provided by an equipment room.


  • Site locations should allow for expansion.
  • Accessible to the delivery of large equipment.
  • Not located below water level.
  • Away from sources of EMI.
  • Safeguards against excessive vibration.
  • Sizing shall include projected future as well as present requirement.
  • Equipment not related to the support of the equipment room shall not be installed in, pass through, or enter the equipment room.

Design Considerations:

  • Minimum clear height of 2.4m (8 ft.) without obstruction.
  • Protected from contaminants and pollutants.
  • Access to backbone pathways.
  • HVAC provided on a 24 hours-per-day, 365 days-per-year basis.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled range 18° C (64° F) to 24°C (75° F) with 30% to 55% relative humidity measured 1.5m (5 ft.) above floor level.
  • Separate power supply circuit shall be provided and terminated in its own electrical panel.
  • Minimum lighting 500 lx (50 foot candles). Switch location shall be near entrance door to room.
  • One wall should have 20mm (0.75 in.) A-C plywood 2.4m (8 ft.) high.
  • Minimum door same as telecommunications room. Double doors without center post or sill is recommended.
  • Access to ground per ANSI-J-STD-607-A.