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Entrance Facility

Consists of the telecommunications service entrance to the building and backbone pathways between buildings.


  • Providers of all telecommunications services shall be contacted to establish requirements.
  • Location of other utilities shall be considered in locating the entrance facility.
  • Alternate entrance facility should be provided where security, continuity or other special needs exist.
  • Equipment not related to the support of the entrance facility should not be installed in, pass through, or enter the telecommunications entrance facility.
  • Dry location not subject to flooding and close as practicable to building entrance point and electrical service room.
  • Wireless transmission/reception shall be located close to wireless field.

Design Considerations:

  • Accommodate the applicable seismic zone requirements.
  • A service entrance pathway shall be provided via one of the following entrance types: Underground, Buried, Aerial, Tunnel.
  • Minimum one wall should be covered with rigidly fixed 21mm (0.75 in.) A-C plywood.
  • Minimum lighting same as telecommunication room.
  • False ceilings shall not be provided.
  • Minimum door same as telecommunications room.
  • Electrical power same as telecommunications room. No convenience receptacles mentioned.
  • Grounding same as telecommunications room.