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Telecommunications Room

Recognized location of the common access point for backbone and horizontal pathways.


  • Dedicated to telecommunications function.
  • Equipment not related to telecommunications shall not be installed, pass through or enter the telecommunications room.
  • Multiple closets on the same floor shall be interconnected by a minimum of one 78mm (trade size 3) conduit, or equivalent pathway.
  • Minimum floor loading 2.4 kPA (50 lbf/ft2).

Design Considerations:

  • Minimum one closet per floor to house telecommunications equipment/cable terminations and associated cross-connect cable and wire.
  • Located near the center of the area being served.
  • Horizontal pathways shall terminate in the telecommunications room on the same floor as the area served.
  • Accommodate seismic zone requirements.
  • One wall should have 20mm (0.75 in.) A-C plywood 2.4m (8 ft.) high.
  • Lighting shall be a minimum of 500 lx (50 foot candles) at 1m (3 ft.) above finished floor (AFF).
  • False ceilings shall not be provided.
  • Minimum door size 910mm (36 in.) wide and 2000mm (80 in.) high without sill, hinged to open outwards, or slide side-to-side or removable, and fitted with a lock.
  • Minimum of two dedicated 120V nominal non-switched duplex electrical outlet receptacles or equivalent, each on separate branch circuits.
  • Additional convenience duplex outlets placed at 1.8m (6 ft.) intervals around perimeter, 150mm (6 in.) above floor.
  • Access to the telecommunications grounding system as specified by ANSI-J-STD-607-A.
  • HVAC requirements to maintain temperature the same as adjacent office area. A positive pressure shall be maintained with a minimum of one air change per hour or per code.
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