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Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces

The TIA TR42.3 Working Group on Telecommunications Pathways & Spaces published the TIA-569-B ('569-B) Standard in 2004.

Following are Highlights of the '569-B Standard:


  • Standardize design and construction practices for telecommunications pathways and spaces.
  • Provides a telecommunications support system that is adaptable to change during the life of the facility.


  • Pathways and spaces in which telecommunications media are placed and terminated, including wireless.
  • Telecommunications pathways and spaces within and between buildings.
  • Commercial building design for both single and multi-tenant buildings.


  • Horizontal
  • Backbone
  • Work Area
  • Telecommunications Room
  • Equipment Room
  • Main Terminal Space
  • Entrance Facility
  • Telecommunications Enclosures

Annex Information:

The following normative and informative annexes are provided in TIA-569-B:

  1. Firestopping (Normative)
  2. Additional section information (Informative)
  3. Noise reduction guidelines (Informative)
  4. Bibliography and references (Informative)

*ANSI approval pending.

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