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Twisted-Pair PCords and Cross-Connect Jumpers

  • Patch cords should use stranded cable for adequate flex-life.
  • Stranded cables must meet the minimum performance requirements for horizontal cable except that 20 percent more attenuation for UTP is allowed by '568-B.2 and 50 percent more attenuation is allowed by '11801:2002 for UTP and F/UTP.
  • Color-code for cross-connect jumpers: One conductor white, the other a visibly distinct color such as red or blue.
  • Performance markings should be provided to show the applicable transmission category in addition to safety markings.
  • Insulated O.D. of stranded wires should be 0.8mm (0.032 in.) to 1mm (0.039 in.) to fit into a modular plug.
  • Production performance specifications for plug cord assemblies are addressed in '568-B.2.
  • Color Codes for Stranded, 100Ω Patch Cord
Option 1   Option 2
white/blue - blue pair 1 green - red
white/orange - orange pair 2 black - yellow
white/green - green pair 3 blue - orange
white/brown - brown pair 4 brown - slate

Because of their identical pair groupings, patch cords terminated with either T568A or T568B pair assignments may be used interchangeably, provided that both ends are terminated with the same pin/pair scheme.