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TIA/EIA-862 Building Automation Systems Cabling Standard For Commercial Buildings

Building automation encompasses control systems such as security and monitoring (i.e. CCTV), safety systems such as fire alarm, environmental conditioning systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and energy management systems such as internal and external lighting. The TIA/EIA-862 Standard specifies generic cabling topology, architecture, design, installation practices, test procedures, and coverage areas to support building automation systems (BAS) used in commercial buildings. Since, historically, providers of these building automation services specified their own proprietary equipment, cables, interface connections, and topology, this new Standard offers the distinct advantage of being able to support multi-product and multi-vendor environments using one generic structured cabling system.

It is important to note that other "low voltage systems" (e.g., audio/video paging, service/equipment alarms, nonvoice/ data communications, wireless access points) are also supported by the telecommunications cabling infrastructure requirements of this Standard.