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ISO/IEC TR 24704 Information Technology Customer Premises Cabling for Wireless Access Points

This Technical Report addresses planning considerations for future connection to wireless access points that supplement the existing copper and fiber optic premises cabling system infrastructure specifications of ISO/IEC11801 Ed. 2.0. Specified infrastructure guidelines are intended to support an array of coverage areas that form a wireless network grid within a building. The Report specifies ISO/IEC 11801 compliant horizontal cabling design considerations and guidelines for wireless access planning in the following areas:

  • minimum configuration, structure and topology,
  • performance requirements for permanent links and channels,
  • coverage and location of telecommunications outlets,
  • interfaces to wireless access points, and
  • power delivery over balanced cabling.

It is important to note that information and guidance related to the placement and security of wireless access points are not addressed in the content of this Report, although recommendations related to the placement of telecommunications outlets (TOs) are provided to support flexible deployment of wireless services.