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ISO/IEC 15108 Information Technology — Generic Cabling for Homes

This Standard recognizes the Siemon TERA® connector as an approved balanced cabling interface for all referenced home cabling communication applications. The specific home applications referenced in the Standard are:

  • Information and communications technology (ICT)
  • Broadcast communications technologies (BCT) and
  • Commands, controls and communication in buildings (CCCB).

The technical requirements of the Standard address cabling structure and topology, minimum configuration, link and channel performance, interfaces, and coexistence with other services. A summary of key media and interface criteria is shown in the table below:

  ICT Cabling BCT Cabling CCCB Cabling
Type of media: Balanced cables, optical fibers Balanced cables, coaxial cables Balanced cables
Typical frequency range Up to 100 MHz Up to 3 GHz Up to 100 kHz
Channel classes according to ISO/IEC 11801:2002: Class D N/A N/A
Interface at device: Balanced or optical fiber connectors per ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.0 Balanced connector per IEC 61076-3-104 (Siemon TERA) or coaxial connectors: IEC 61169-2 or IEC 61169-24 ("F type") or Fixed connection, CCCB connector(s) including balanced or optical fiber connectors per ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.0

While the IEC 61076-3-104 Siemon TERA interface is recognized for use in all three home cabling applications, it is important to note that the TERA interface is the primary balanced twisted-pair cabling interface recognized to support BCT cabling applications. This connector is the most recognized commercially available interface for ISO/IEC category 7/class F applications.