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Screened Cabling (F/UTP)

As a result of the release of TIA/EIA/IS-729 and the maturity of the '568-B and '11801:2002 standards, telecommunications groups recognize the presence of an overall shield over four twisted-pairs; a media termed Screened Twisted-Pair. This cabling type is recognized as F/UTP, which stands for a foil applied over unshielded twisted-pairs.

F/UTP Cable:

  • Color-coding:
    Pair 1 = White/Blue - Blue
    Pair 2 = White/Orange - Orange
    Pair 3 = White/Green - Green
    Pair 4 = White/Brown - Brown
  • 0.51mm (24 AWG) 100 . 4-pair enclosed by a foil shield.
  • A copper conductor drain wire of .040mm (26 AWG) or larger shall be provided.
  • Should be marked "100 . ScTP" or "100 . F/UTP", in addition to any safety markings required by local or national codes.
  • Same mechanical and transmission requirements apply to backbone and horizontal cables.
  • Additional performance requirements, including surface transfer impedance, is specified in TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and ISO/IEC 11801:2002.

Screened Connectors:

  • Interface and pair assignments same as IEC 60603-7 ('568-B.1 states that all 4 pairs must be connected).
  • Additional transfer impedance and shield mating interface requirements specified in IEC 60603-7-3 and IEC 60603-7-5.

F/UTP Patch Cords:

  • Specifications call for 26 AWG (7 strands @ 0.15mm) or 24 AWG (7 strands @ 0.20mm) stranded conductors.
  • Allows for an overall shield.
  • Allows for 50% more attenuation than horizontal cable.