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Telecommunications Room

Telecommunications Rooms (TR) are generally considered to be floor serving facilities for horizontal cable distribution. They may also be used for intermediate and main cross-connects.

Some specifications related to the telecommunications room:

  • (TR's) shall be designed and equipped in accordance with TIA-569-B.
  • Cable stress from tight bends, cable ties, staples, and tension should be avoided by well-designed cable management.
  • Only standards-compliant connecting hardware shall be used.
  • Application-specific electrical components shall not be installed as part of the horizontal cabling.
  • Horizontal cable terminations shall not be used to administer cabling system changes. Instead, jumpers patch cords, or equipment cords are required for re-configuring cabling connections.

The two types of schemes used to connect cabling subsystems to each other and to equipment are known as interconnections and cross-connections.

A "cross-connect" (a.k.a. distributor) is a facility, whereas a "cross-connection" is a connection scheme. Cross-connections are typically used to provide a means of configuring individual port connections between the cabling and equipment with multiport outputs (i.e., 25-pair connectors). Interconnections may be used with equipment that has individual output ports. A cross-connect facility (a.k.a. distributor) may house interconnections, cross-connections, or both.