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TR42.1.1 Network Distribution Nodes

TR-42.1.1 was tasked to create a new standard for Application Spaces such as Internet Data Centers, Service Distribution Nodes, and Storage Area Networks. The scope of the group was to develop cabling topology, recognized media types, cabling requirements, and requirements for pathways & spaces for the above application spaces and inter/intra-node connections.

TIA-TR-42.1.1 is expected to release the standard in June 2005. Draft 5 SP-3-0092 was released June 17, 2004, including considerations for telecommunication infrastructure, spaces, pathways, redundancy and new terminology. The standard will address infrastructure standards for data centers and computer rooms of all types and sizes, including small server rooms within an office building to large multi-floor data centers. The standard will be constructed so that the topology described will be adaptable to any size data center.

The standard will recognize two categories of data centers. The private domain ("enterprise") consists of private corporations, government agencies, or the establishment of other intranets or extranets, while public domain ("internet") consists of traditional telephone service providers, unregulated competitive service providers and related commercial operators.

Figure: generic data center topology
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